Friday, 26 February 2010

Thursday 25 Feb - Mattress Day

A Hodge Podge of a day today; Han’s new mattress was due to be delivered a t some point today and I was advised, by Deb, that the delivery men would ring me before they arrived. This was so that I could go to bed. I stayed up until 11:00 AM on the off chance that they might be early but finally had to climb the stairs to Peterborough (geography was never my strong point) shortly after this. Listened to the Radio Five Pods and Blogs podcast but drifted in and out repeatedly so missed most of what was being said. Eventually I drifted off completely and being just was sleeping the appropriate kind of sleep. Around 1:15 PM my phone rang; I struggled back to consciousness just in time and low it was the deliver guys.


“Mr Bones?”


“It’s the delivery guy here “

“Oh Hi delivery guy”

“Ya I just called to let you know I’ll be there in about an hour”

“An Hour”! (WTF!!!!!???). “Fine, I wonder, delivery guy, could you do me a favour”

“Sure, if I can, what you want?”

“I work nights and I’m in bed at the moment do you think you could call me again nearer the time just in case I fall asleep” “

“Of course, I’ll see you shortly”

“Thanks (and don’t call me shortly)”!

I was, almost, sleeping when; again, 30 minutes later….my phone rang;

“Hi Mr Bones, it’s the delivery guy I’ll be with you in about 30 minutes”

“Cheers, thanks a lot (WTF!!!)”

I got up as there was no point in trying to get back to sleep…..again!!!!!!!!!

About 30 minutes later the Mattress arrived, the delivery guy kindly dropped it off in the main room and then at around 2:30, I went back to bed.

3:30 PM either there’s an elephant stampede down stairs or Han’s home (Nat’s playing rugby for the school over at the Syston festival – our teams did well good, see Nat’s entry for today). I plugged in my headphones put on a podcast and tried to get back to sleep.

4:30 PM Deb wakes me to remind me that we are supposed to be seeing Han’s teacher at 5:20. I managed to stagger out of bed but I was dog tied. I asked Han if she would mind if I give this one a miss (1st time ever); She said it would be OK so, once more, I collapsed back on to the bed and tried to get some sleep.

6:10 Nat wakes me,

6:20 Nat wakes me,

6:30 Nat wakes me;

I finally manage to get out of bed and follow him downstairs.

Deb’s been to the chip shop and she’s got me a chicken kebab for my dinner; Luvvvvvvly!

In the mail today I received a letter from the General Hospital informing me that I was now on the official waiting list for my hip replacement. I have to ring them tomorrow to advise when I’ll be available to go in. In view of what’s happening, Deb’s Dad, The Gadget Show Live and the upcoming Easter Holidays Deb and I agreed that I’d best ask them not to call me in until after Easter. Additionally, I‘ll be convalescing during the summer and, the weather permitting, will have more of a chance to get out and exercise my muscles back to fully functionality.

It’s been incredibly busy tonight, given that the weather’s fairly mild, we didn’t stop taking call after call until about 1:00 AM and it’s now 05:47 and everyone’s taking a call as I type this; just waiting to take another; which I’ve just taken….God the Pressure I can’t take this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday 25 febuary


At school today I went to a big ass rugby tournament were I played in 7/7 games the order are wins and loses went in is this.

Draw 2-2

lose 1-0

WIN 5-0

draw 1-1

Win 1-0

I can’t remember the other 2.

When I got home I had donor meat and chips ALLRIGHT!!!!!!!!! As Quagmire would say.After that I helped put Hannah's matures on her bed.

funny video lol.

By Nat.


The Daily Mash
MEMBERS of Parliament who criticised homeopathy have badly knotted chakras and are emitting an unhealthy purple aura, it was claimed last night.

Big Ben yesterdayAs a committee of MPs said the not-medicine was 14 times less efficient than writing a letter to Jesus, homeopaths claimed the report had no credibility because it had not been buried for two weeks in a cocoon of damp horse chestnut leaves, directly over the right kind of ley line.

Not-Dr Julian Cook said: "The House of Commons is giving off the same aggressive, dark purple aura that you get from a GP's prescription or a box of paracetamol.

"These MPs have obviously neglected to re-mineralise their chakras but I can fix that with a simple course of quartz therapy and a tincture of henbane rubbed into their belly buttons. In exchange for some money."

The report could see government funding into the not-treatment being stripped back to £1 as according to homeopathic theory it will have the same effect as giving them £100 million.

Practitioners will apply for one penny of the new budget and then be advised to shake it vigorously in their bank account.

Committee member, Denys Finch-Hatton, said: "Their account will 'remember' the millions we used to give them and they can then try to buy new clinics by telling the builders about all the money that used to be there."

But Wayne Hayes, a registered Chi masseur from Carlise, said: "If these MPs are so clever then how come homeopathy is endorsed not just by people who watch Most Haunted but by a wide range of actresses, pre-menopausal television presenters and the Prince of Wales?

"That shut you up, didn't it?"

The Saga of Julie's Phone

It’s been a fun night of phone discovery; Julie W has a new phone and she didn’t know how to open it up to insert the SIM card. It’s a Nokia 5300 Music Express and it must be the most difficult Nokia there is to open. Even after I downloaded the pdf manual it still took me about 10 attempts to get the back off of the bloody thing. I then inserted the SIM she’d given me and I couldn’t get it to accept it. Eventually I realised that the SIM was 6 months out of date. I discovered this after trying my spare SIM and getting a connection. Eventually, I removed the SIM from her old phone and used this. I then spent most of the rest of the evening setting it up for her but despite my best attempts I was not able to sync it to OVI on line. I have managed to manually set up the calendar in such a way so that now it shows all her working and non working days in perpetuity. It’s now 04:59 and in about 15 minutes I’m going to try to show her how to remove the back; that’ll be fun!
I woke up this evening feeling like death warmed up, another cold, but the distraction of Julie’s phone seemed to take my mind off it; so well done JW.
Now it’s time to take a look at the BBC website to see what irrelevant news stories I can lambaste tonight. Will the Coles still be headline news, probably, what a sad world we live in!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It'll be a Cole Day in Hell - Cole Tweets plus 1 Tiger One

Dickey Branston says that now there's no longer a place for Ashley on the Maiden Pacific star ship due to launch this evening.

We want wholesome family entertainment about fucking, not boring reports on the imminent extinction of our species, said same!

This is just ANOTHER example of the BBC's left wing bias said a spokesperson for National Viewers' and Listeners' Association.

The BBC received 1000's of complaints for downgrading the Cole split to report on tomorrow's total extinction asteroid impact!

Brave Cheryl tries sticking it out but fails miserably, no way girlfriend, says Ashley, I'm the Daddy B cos I can Stick It In!

It's a misunderstanding, says Ashley, I thought she was in Girls Allowed and so I behaved in, I thought, an appropriate manner

What the Coles are splitting up? Me, I couldn't give a flying fuck says rational person who's never read Hell O magazine.

It's enough to make you question your faith in the almighty, says Dawkins, on hearing the shocking news about the Cole split.

I'm shocked says Hannibal Lecter on hearing of the Cole breakup. Some behaviours R beyond the pale and cannot be countenanced.

New Death Stars first target will be Ashley Cole says Darth Vader, at a time like this galactic conquest must take a back seat

Obama says, Homeland Security search 4 Bin Laden 2B downgraded to allow concentration of resources on Cole split investigation

Bear friend claims that Tigger's Wood allowed him to come from behind and produce an out of this world game winning hole in one

Haitians raise money to buy a present 4 Cheryl, says spokesperson Its about priorities at this time she needs all our support.

Buddhist immolates himself note says it's a protest against Ashley's unforgivable behaviour and a gesture of support 4 Cheryl!

U.N. shelves climate debate after emergency motion by the People's Republic demands immediate investigation into Cole breakup!

Buddhist Monk immolates himself leaves note saying it's a protest against Ashley's unforgivable behaviour and a gesture of support 4 Cheryl!

Caring Haitians raise money to buy a present 4 Cheryl; says a spokesperson, It's about priorities at a time like this she needs our support!

Brave Cheryl Cole tries sticking it out but fails miserably, no way girlfriend, says Ashley, I'm the Daddy only I can Stick It In Boom Boom!

Cheryl's ending pussy time for Ashley. Will it impair local economic development in and around the Cape. We go behind the scenes 2 find out.

Cheryl's to divorce 2 timing love cheat husband footballer Ashley. Good 4U girlfriend but YTF**k is it front page news on the BBC’s website?

News at Ten live in SA; Shelly Tittle-McTattle asks Mandela how the Cole split effects him and assess the wider repercussions for the region

Nat’s Creative writing; Weird Dreams?; Pop star Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband footballer Ashley Cole – why the f**k is this headline news?: I’m on EA – Whoopee!

Nat’s home work required him to write a scene setter for a story, below is what he wrote:
The place hadn't changed, for the better, since I had last seen it (seen it last). It was still as nasty and horrid as I (had) remembered. When I had got a glimpse of it age 5. It had haunted my nightmare's calling me to it. Now I was close I could see it in all it's evil beauty the broken windows the clock that watched me with the hands moving to an sinister beat "TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK" The noise was intensified 1000 fold by the fact it was the only sound.
Then I saw the misty figure in the top left window standing in front of several cadavers. The mystery intensified I came closer even though my gut (and brain) told me not to; THUD I had fallen over, luckily I had fallen on something soft, I had tripped on a root of a giant tree with needles for leaves, needles that looked like pikes, pikes of war, some of the larger spikes even had dead birds on them several partly decomposed. I had been lucky, just to my left there was bear trap I was fortunate I hadn't fallen in to it; if I had then my endeavour would have been cut very short. I looked to see what I had fallen on, it was another body!

A little creepy and slightly ungrammatical but a Damn Fine Effort nonetheless! “Watch out” Stephen King “there’s a new kid on the block!”

I had a really weird dream today but as I can’t remember a thing about it I’m not really sure why I’ve mentioned it. If any reader can recall what it was I dreamt about please let me know, I’ll be ever so grateful.

So pop star and all round Geordie lass Cheryl Cole is to divorce two timing love cheat husband football ( I refuse to say footballer I don’t say ruggerer, do I?) player Ashley Cole. Well good on you girlfriend but WHY THE F**K is it front page news on the BBC’s website? She’s a sexy singer and he kicks a ball for a living; why does anyone give a Sh*t (actually I don’t I just don’t understand why YOU do?)?
What’s next, “and now News at Ten goes live to South Africa; where reporter Shelly Tittle-McTattle asks Nelson Mandela how the Cole split has effected him personally and what are the wider repercussions for the region as a whole; to what extent will Cheryl ending pussy time for Ashley impair local economic development?

For Christ’s (capitalised out of politeness for his delusional believers , they’ve enough problems as it is, not out of awe of his religious delusional – Bye the Bye - if Jesus were alive today would he believe he was Napoleon or the Son of Napoleon?) Sake Britain get a grip and a sense of proportion will you, she sings he kicks a ball!!! In the greater scheme of things it’s of no import, come on guys this isn’t Rocket Medicine!

I’ve been on EA tonight and it was a nightmare for the first 3 hours, we didn’t stop and it seemed as if every job we had to close had unusual and time consuming complications. By the time it eased off I felt as if my head was about to explode. It’s been much calmer since 2:00am.

It’s now 06:37 and I’ve only 50 minutes left to go.

So Soon - Home, ASDA, Beer and Bed….Horrah!!!

Butter Fingers

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bagel BLT, Podcasts, Bed, Donna, Work. And Re-date Nat’s Blogs

I didn’t get to bed until 4 AM and then I only slept until 9 AM because I woke up starving. I knew I needed more sleep because I’m back at work tonight. Decide to get up make some breakfast and then return to the lands of nod. I mention this only because I made two fantastic BLT Bagels for breakie; heated sliced bagel in toaster for one minute, then spread Philadelphia cheese on both half’s, then layered with tomato, lettuce and two slices of crispy fried bacon ate accompanied by Large Mug of Black Coffee - Bloody Gorgeous! I munched my way through these while watching the old JK show. What a shower of chavs today, Christ don’t these people have any idea about contraception and faithfulness? Is the baby my on off boy friends or his mates; the mate I shagged during one of our frequent break-ups? God help the poor little sods they keep producing. If JK’s still on the TV in 15 years these kids will be on the show for DNA tests too. Mrs Thatcher may have had to drag UK industry into the 20th century but in doing so she created an underclass that seems destined to be with us for the foreseeable future. Completely uneducated, asocial and drug dependant, basically everything you see on Shameless, but without the humour. It terrifies me that my kids will be bumping into these feral animals in town when they’re a little older.

Went back to bed around mid-day and updated my phones podcast menu, deleting old pods and subscribing to a few new ones. Finally got round to listening to the back episodes of The Pod Delusion and was impressed by their dedicated assault on homeopathy, I really wish I’d been able to take part in the 10:23 campaign; they held an overdose, on a homeopathy remedy, day outside of Boots the Chemist. Later, on the six o clock news it was announced that the Health Service is to hold an enquiry into the use of homeopathy in the NHS with a view to, eventually, withdrawing public funding for this bullshit; if the gullible, in the face of the evidence, wish to continue to waste their money so be it. As they say, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it think!”
Got up a little earlier than usual, 5:30, spoke briefly to my son, Nat “I live in my room where I live for gaming”, before he unceremoniously exiled me from his domain, then I went downstairs. Watched the news, see above, made my sandwiches and soup and had dinner, belly pork, salad and garlic bread, yum.
Deb’s Dad has been for the biopsy today but won’t know anything for a little while; for now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Donna, suprize surprise, phoned to keep Deb up to date with the ongoing saga of her separation and pending divorce, it’s been three and a half years since he deserted her for her best friend so why the f**k is the guy still hassling her. I could understand if it were the other way round, there can be few greater betrayals that what he and that women did to her, but for the life of me I can’t understand why he seems to think that he’s the injured party. I suppose that’s what comes of being a sociopath you can ONLY see it from your point of view, in fact your point of view is the ONLY point of view. It would seem that when God* was handing out empathy at Tesco’s he was obviously queuing at Asda!
Anyway, Donna was really unwell today, she’s got serious problems with her pancreas and is in considerable pain most of the time, so she sent a taxi to pick up Sian and Nat from school, Nat had a visit, in class, from a yr 9 to inform him he would be being taken home in a cab. Later he proudly displayed the notice he’d received.
Eventually I left for work at about 7:45 arrived at 8:00. It’s been quite busy all night** so far but appears to be easing off now (00:05). Just checked Nat’s posts only to discover that he appears to think that it’s still January… Shall I amend them for him?

* no I don’t really believe in God it’s just a turn of phrase, I’m not that dumb if I was I’d believe in homeopathy wouldn’t I?
**Must be the cold snap but once more many areas already fully booked up for tomorrow.

Monday 22 February

At school I had RE the most pointless class ever. After school I got a taxi home courtesy of Donor later that day I had a Donor pot noodle and played on my XBOX I am not going to kick boxing because when I was playing Rugby in pe I got frozen to the bone it was very cold very very cold very very very cold no actually it was very very very very very very very very very very COLD! so cold I had to were 2 pairs of socks that 4 socks 4 socks.What has the world come to.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hannah’s bog Saturday the 20/2/10

Today I got out of bed at 12:00 am . I learnt how to do a hand stand because I can already do a cartwheel . Me and my family watched  a program which was very funny – dancing for sports relief the best two were….

No Rugby Today

Just got a text from Neil to say that todays match was canceled.
Quick look out of the window explained why.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

saturday 6 – wednesday 17 of February (a big time space)

Today I went into town to GW to play GW with other people who play GW. At lunch I went to Maryland and had some chicken it was delicious. After that I went back to GW and did some painting on my land raider.Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
I hope to enter it into the dead guardsman's boots painting competition.
Today I had rugby were we played against Syston, Loughborough and a team I can’t remember the name of. Loughborough destroyed us 8-0 Syston beat us 4-2 and our only win came from the team with the name I can’t remember and it was in this game that the  all powerful Nathaniel SCORED A TRY.
Yep they were all a bunch of bald bastards.

After school today I had kick boxing where we did grading sets (Katars) but we also some work on punching and kicking which was fun.
Today I had school rugby also known as rugby with school were I found out that there would be no match the next day NOOOOOOOOOO. But I was again complemented on how good I was by all the coaches so in the words of London Tipton “Yea me.”.
Today I had scouts were we played games and tied knots read maps and other stuff like that and when I came home I saw a family guy episode.
I did not do anything today so I will call it homeopathic blog day.


After school Brandon and Zac came over and I borrowed ODST its awesome and then they went home. But I have totally unrelated news  nearly everyone I Know has a family guy name.
Me: Quagmire
Jacob: Ollie Williams
Jonathon: Meg
Ben: Joe
Zac: Peter
Hannah: Stewe
Brandon: Brian

Today I went into town to GW. Then at about 12:30 I went to Maryland and had 2 pieces of chicken 4 spice strips a Pepsi and a f*&£ lode of chips all for £3.

Today at rugby we won! although they weren't  a very good side but a victory is still a win and not a defeat which is good for us.

At last half term today I had a lie in then I played ODST  then at about 3:30 mum came home so then I had dinner.

Today was the same as yesterday so for a moderate amount of details scroll up.

Same as yesterday can you believe that.

If you do then
I went into town on the bus which I had to catch which was hard with just some Warhammers but I have hade a lot of practise getting the bus to school and all.In town I played GW and had some Maryland.

Hospital Visit

Finally got to see the consultant at the General Hospital yesterday.

Map picture

Got there at 9 AM and left about 12 PM. Two sets of X-Rays and gee I've got arthritis in my knee as well as my hip. Been put on the  wairing list and now just waiting for a date to get left hip replaced.

Stopped off in town had a look in a few shops, phones4you and apple store. No sign of the iPad yet, not even posters. Called into wetherspoons on the high street and had a few pints before getting the bus home.

Really sleepy so went for a knap and didn’t wake until 11 PM.

Bad news, Deb got a call from home to say that her Dad has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer (shit) but we don’t know any details as yet. Lets just hope that it’s been spotted early, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Back to Work

Just got to work, still feel like death warmed up but can't take any more time off. Han's still poorly and now Deb's off as well. so far only Nat seems immune. This is the worst cold I can recall having in a very long time. It almost like flu. I feel absolutely exhausted and my head is still spinning. It's gonna be a long night.

It's 6 O'Clock

Just woken up and for the first time in 5 days I don't feel like shit (still got a head ache but by now that seems normal). Back to work tonight... Hooray! Downside, Ded's now got same bug and feeling awful don't know if she'll be in work today unless she's got a "Man Flu" point to make. Just Nat to go now but he's impervious due to his X-box. By which I mean we never see him and so he doesn't catch our bugs.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cold or Flu?

Just called work to say not in tonight, that's 3 days! I don't know if this is a bad cold or mild flu? All I know is that my head aches like buggery still, I've still got a temperature and I'm as weak as a kitten. Han seems to be over it but it sounds like Deb's now got it. Only Nat to go and we'll have a full house.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sat 13 Feb – Little Atoms Podcast – Whole Earth Discipline.

Just listened to the Little Atoms Podcast for the first time. This one was excellent featuring an interview with Stewart Brand author of the book Whole Earth Discipline where he advocates that “Greens” need to reassess their views regarding Nuclear Power and Genetically Modified crops. I found the interview fascinating reflecting as it does my own similar views on these two subjects. Just been on to Amazon to see about buying a copy.

A brief synopsis of the book follows:

'Being Green' is no longer enough. "Whole Earth Discipline" is Stewart Brand's wake up call for the environmental movement, and his message is hard-hitting: unless environmentalists keep up with new science, they will become part of the problem. It is an exhilarating piece of writing and bang-on zeitgeist. Three profound transformations are underway on Earth: climate change, urbanization and biotechnology. In response to these seismic changes - and challenges - Steward Brand argues that the environmental movement must reverse some long-held opinions, and embrace tools and disciplines that it has traditionally distrusted - such as science and engineering - in order to forestall the cataclysmic deterioration of the earth's resources. "Whole Earth Discipline" shatters a number of environmental myths, and presents radical, counterintuitive observations - cities are actually greener than the countryside, nuclear power is the future of energy, and genetic engineering is the key to crop and land management. With a combination of scientific rigor and blazing advocacy, Brand shows us exactly where the sources of our dilemmas lie and offers a bold and creative set of policies and solutions for producing a more sustainable society.

I’ve known about Little atoms for sometime but until now haven’t actually listened to any episodes, I’m already overloaded with a huge backlog of podcasts is my excuse. It appears that Rebecca Watson, of Skeptics Guide to the Universe, is now a co-presenter since she relocated to the UK to live with her new hubby. RW’s consistantly funny on the SGTU  and hopefully will be on LA’s. Anyway it’s now on my must download list.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Hannah blog 12/2/10 end of term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today it was the end of term hooray I am so relived I could not take any more of Miss Hewitt she is so mean Miss broad is to . 

Friday 12 Feb - Couch Potato

Sitting at home doing little, think I've got a cold, been watching TV and catching up on recorded programmes. Waiting for Nat to get home as he'supposed to finish early on Fridays. It's 3PM now and still not home. I'm watch Horizon telling me how I can live forever. Antioxidents just got a kicking.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hannah’s Entry .Thurs 11 Feb – Xross Country

Today at school we went to Winstanley to join in the schools cross country. But before we went Rosie hid my lunchbox Miss Hewitt is going to tell her off tomorrow.  I came eighth but I would have been fourth if a Holmfield boy hadn’t deliberately tripped me near the finish.

Tonight I’m going back to Winstanley to have a judo lesson. I’ve missed the last few weeks because I’ve had a bad stomach.

Setting Up Windows Live Writer on Han’s Net book

Been experimenting this am with Han’s Net book. Have managed to set up Bluetooth connection with my N82 9must do the same for Deb’s N73 then she can upload her photos herself) and installed Windows Live Writer on net book so that Han can contribute to my blog.

This is a rather nice little program that lets you use more text effects than is possible if you write directly on blogger.


Back to 19th Century School at the Black Country Museum last Summer.

Map picture

A Birds Eye View of where we live!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tuesday 9 Frb - Governors Meeting, Holmfiled School Closure, Work and PRP.

This evening?s meeting confirmed today?s announcement. The rumours about Homfield Primary (one of the four Braunstone primaries) are true: it?s set to close at the end of the academic year pending appeals none of which seem likely to change the Councils mind. Unfortunately, the three remaining schools will have to now absorb a substantial proportion of the displaced current and future intakes. This is going to put real pressure on all three schools particularly Millfield, which is already at near maximum capacity.
At the moment we can?t put hard figures on who?s going where. How many City children will have a right to continue to be educated in the County, how many families will move their children out of catchment, how will the remaining overflow be shared between the three schools? Will it be pro rata?d between the three remaining schools or will there be parental choice. Millfield is both a very successful and a very popular school (half of all applications are from out of catchment); this could lead to significant pressure to raise pupil numbers.

To help with costs we will be seeking to share in the capital receipt raised when the school and grounds are sold but this is unlikely to happen soon. Given the depressed state of the market the County Council may well decide to hold on to the land for a number of years until the market improves. The Governing body agreed to pursue this matter and in addition to look to the LEA for increased revenue funding.

One aspect that caused some concern was how many more Special Educational Needs pupils we might be expected to cater for. Millfield has a sterling reputation with regards to SEN pupils but its very success means that it receives a disproportionate number of applications for places from the parents of such pupils. The school itself, which is built on a hill and which has many disparate levels, is not naturally suited to the needs of the disabled at the best of times. An increase in this element of the overall school population could cause significant problems out of all proportion to the actual numbers involved.

What we know for certain, at the moment, is:
The three Braunstone Town schools will all have their Admission Numbers (IAN) increased from September 2010 to the maximum so that the Holmfield pupils can be accommodated.;
The Millfield IAN will increase from 50 to 55;
That Braunstone Town will become a single catchment area so parents will be able to apply to any of the three remaining schools;
There are no plans to put extra classrooms onto school sites, and
There is no likelihood of any extra funding for the schools.

While it?s not yet possible to nail down the figures the worse case scenario is frightening.
In this case we would admit 55 pupils to each year group through YR 1 ? YR 6.

While the earlier years (1-4) wouldn?t be too bad (27/28 pupils per class) potentially, because of the shortage of class rooms, Yrs 5 & 6 could end up being taught in-

3 parallel classes totalling 100 pupils.
This would mean 3 classes of 36/37 pupils per class!!!

Han is currently in Year 4 so these changes could have a pronounced effect on her remaining years at Millfield!

The problem is that the economic realist in me knows that there?s probably worse coming after the election when the new Government can no longer delay biting the financial crisis bullet. Perhaps now it?s time to grab a shotgun and take to the hills.

I finally made it to work for 22:20; not excessively busy tonight so I?ve had a chance to get my thoughts down on paper. JDM announced our PRP (performance related pay) and I got 4?s (4 top 1 bottom) across the board so I got the lot. So that?s an extra ?375 in next months pay.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I Must Go To Bed!!!!

Been up all morning since getting home around 7:45. I've been trying to get my head round the papers for tonight's Governors meeting. I had meant to read them last night, at work, when it was quite but I completely forgot. The meeting is at 6:30 and afterwards I've got work (last night thankfully, I'll get through it on adrenaline). Just can't wind down and get between the sheets. Anyway, this could be my last meeting, I'm sure I should have gone up for re-election last October. I notice that very item appears on tonight's agenda. It would probably be better if I did step down; having had bolloxed hips has somewhat limited my participation in school events over the last three years. I would have liked to have done much, much more but most of the time I seem to be consumed by apathy. lets hope after the next Op that will change!

“There is no Big Brother in the sky”

“There is no Big Brother in the sky”

Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday 8 Feb - Busy Kids - Cheerleading, Kick boxing, Cubs, Gadget Show, Work

It's 6:45 and I'm home alone. Deb's taken Han to Winstanley School to try out for cheer leading. Nat's with then because she's then got to drop him off at kick boxing and then drop Han off at Cubs...Busy Busy Busy!

Just receives a couple of texts from the Gadget Show so I'll be entering the quiz later. Must admit that the GS is one of my fav progs. Looking forward to the live show at the N.E.C. in April assuming I'm not in hospital getting a new hip!

Slept quite well today and neck seems less stiff. Appetite still wonky, just eaten baked potato but left most of the chicken salad. How come, I'm hungry but just looking at the plate made me feel sick.

Last but one night at work tonight; I must spend time when it goes quite reading papers for tomorrow night's Governors meeting at Millfield. I'm not even sure if I'm still a governor. I think I should have been up for re-election last Oct but the schools said nothing.

More later if there's anything worth reporting tonight; now must make coffee, get ready meal from fridge, wash and dress ready to go.

Sunday 7 Feb 2010 - Bus bastard, Ash the Angel, We love you Andrew, Kill Nicky Campbell, Beware the Elephant and A Little TV before Work.

We got back to Leic this A.M. at approx 8:15. The driver, when I asked him before we left Birmingham, said he would drop me near the M69/M1 junction because I live nearby. He sped passed saying he couldn’t stop if there wasn’t a bus stop. There was a bus stop he simple turned at the wrong place and took the long route back to work. So it looked as if I might end up stranded back at the Leicester site, because Deb was due to take the kids to a Rugby tournament in Lutterworth and would be leaving home at about 8:45. It looked as if I might be facing a long and painful walk. Luckily Ash, a colleague, offered to give me a lift home so the crisis was averted. If I’d had to walk home, with my hip the way it is at present, then I’d have, most likely, ended up bed bound with the pain for the next 24 hours. Ash dropped me at home shortly before the terrible trio departed and I bid them a brief but fond farewell.

To Chillax and wind down before going to bed I watched the Andrew Marr Show  (Excellent, as usual) followed by that total bag of horseshit* The Big Question

Hosted by Nicky Campbell (Christ I hate Nicky Campbell he comes over as such a supercilious twat) the show comes complete with a cohort of well meaning, media friendly, workaday religious hacks and sometimes a token sceptic – occasionally Prof Richard Dawkins (stop wasting your time Prof). They are there, supposedly, to ponder the BIG questions with a view to then telling us, the little people, how these matters should be resolved. In actual fact very little, if any, pondering is done. They, all of them, arrived pre-prepared, armed with the rotes of their received as opposed to perceived wisdoms. This is why their answers ALWAYS involve, in one flavour or another, God or Jesus or Mohammed or one or more or all of their various “Holy Books”.

So right this is just what I need on a Sunday morning, advice from people who think that the universe was created, in six days, by a beardy bloke who lives on a cloud and who, in addition to believing this, also believe that the sum total of all true wisdom and knowledge is contained in a two or three books written either by bronze age pastoralist, post Diaspora Jews or a Seventh Century Arab merchant (most historians now agree that the Koran was, in fact, written in dribs and drabs during the two centuries following the death of the prophet; but never let an inconvenient truth interfere with a useful lie).

I wait, with baited breath, to hear their answers to these questions; what wisdom will these learned persons soon bestow upon me? In the end, it’s a fairly short wait; as armed only with their simple truths (one God** and sundry books***) and their razor sharp logic, they all, in but a moment, cut straight to the heart of the matter!

It was God (in whichever particular flavour you favour) what done it (or maybe Jesus working on his behalf if the learned answerer is of the Christian persuasion)

How dare we mere mortals have the audacity to imagine, for one moment, that we might reason freely, think critically and make rational decisions without the help of an all powerful imaginary friend and his big books of behaviour?

But this isn’t everything, there’s also some additional horrible icing on this cake of cack. Some of the regular learned folk are an extra turn of the screw!

Do you know who grates on me even more than Nicky Campbell?

It’s that blonde “Bird” who’s chaplain at a flipping fashion college! Why is she there then, it's obvious she's there as blonde clergy porn! When she does speak you could wade through her deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet. This twenty something, who has, probably, never had an original though in her entire life, sits on stage gazing about her with such condescending arrogance.

In addition to this, every “representative” of the “Moslem Community” prefixes his (sometimes there’s a token her) opening comments with “as a religion of peace” before going on to describe, in great detail, the numerous reasons why this religion allows him to kill me. A Religion of peace; what a load of bollocks, and finally we have the obligatory Rabbi and this guy’s even more patronizing than Nicky (Superfuckingcilious) Campbell.

Mind you, compared to the fundamentalist Bible bashing lunatics sprinkled amongst the audience the above characters are reasonably moderate in their views. But remember moderation, as Einstein should have said, is relative and the panel are only moderate in comparison with the total raving loonies in the audience. They’re still fruitcakes in their own rights just not quite so over cooked.

YOYOYOY (is not the sequence of my chromosomes) Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

Why does the BBC still put this shit on? Even on the odd occasions when a decent argument does get the chance to get under way e.g. this morning (Is it ever right to pay a ransom?) you can absolutely guarantee that Nicky boy will interrupt at a totally inappropriate moment with some arsine comment and bring the discussion to a screaming halt.

Hanging’s too good for the whole shower of shits involved in this abortion of a programme. The trouble is, mind you, that it’s additive, it’s like the Jeremy Kyle Show, you know you shouldn’t watch it but there’s some thing almost irresistible about these car crash programmes!

Anyway, sufficiently chillaxed after my morning’s viewing I went to bed at about 11:15 and, as is the norm, experienced great difficulty in getting to sleep because of the pain in my hips and knee. I switched on the mp3 player in my Nokia N82 and listened to podcasts until, eventually, I dropped off. I was woken at 12:30 by a telephone call from Connor, a school mate of Nat’s, ringing to ask Nat for help with his homework. Subsequently I was woken at about 2:30pm when Deb and the kids returned and Han proceeded to make enough noise for a herd of elephants. I SHOUTED downstairs for them to keep the noise down and the noise abated for a short time.

Again I sort the solace of my mp3 player and eventually drifted off once more only to be woken again by Han this time around 4:00PM. If I did this to them at 2AM and 4 AM they’d think I was mad but for some reason none of them seem to realise that the afternoon is my equivalent time. I eventually gave up on the idea of sleep and decided to have a bath to ease the various aches and pains. The results were mixed, eased my leg somewhat but I’ve still got a stiff neck that’s turning twitchy and my machete hand a trembles whenever I hear the elephant that is my daughter!

Downstairs for 6:00, Sunday dinner (chicken - don't quite know why I've seen fit to be quite so specific here?) followed by Click , from BBC News Channel then half of the second episode of The Virtual Revolution  (absolutely outstanding). 7:30 left for work and here I am now at 00:47 on Monday morning.

*Watching the Big Question proves that I am, most definitely, a masochist!
** Except of course when there’s a token Hindu as well
*** The Old Testicle, The New Testicle, The Caravan, the Book of Moron and any printed material endorsed by Opera Wineferry and her sundry acolytes!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 5 Feb - The Allotment Quiz Night.

We have just got home from the Allotment Society Quiz Night held at the local civic centre. We had a really good time, apart from the kids demolishing the coke and crisp, we had brought, within the first hour of getting there. When we got there we were told to get a table and that George and Co would funnel over too us anyone that wasn't already in a team. So much for that idea. No one without an already agreed team  turned up so whilst most teams were made up of between 6-8 players Deb and I were left by ourselves with just the kids for help. Given that, and that the first set of questions were about 1950's Leicester we didn't do too bad. There was a winner, 4 runners up another team and then us. We beat at least half of the other teams and came within 8 points of the winners, whose team had EIGHT MEMBERS! So honour was not lost and therefore the sacrifice of one of my children can be delayed for yet another day.

At the end I told George that I'd design a website for the society so I guess I've committed myself there. I twittered the quiz a few ytimes and the one about Han wanting to win the raffle and then doing so is quite amazing. I forgot to check if the predictive text was correct before pressing send with the following result..........

Them are drawing the saddle and Hans desperate to who. Doesnt look like its going to happen. Wrong she just WON !

Monday 1 – Friday 5 0f February




After school today I had kickboxing where I as the name implies kicked butt oh yea kicked butt and Connor and Brandon from rugby were there and I destroyed them in a flurry of punches I like to call the Mcpunchy.



After school today I had rugby training I was amazingly epic I had a brilliant rook an several excellent tackles and I was chosen to play for the year 8 team on Thursday.


Today after school I had scouts were we played hockey a game where you had to find an item beginning with each later (we won that of course).At the end of scouts I took my candle home at home where I watched a murder mystery.


today I played for my school rugby team (wheel the year 8 one) against Countasthorp  we beat them 45-0 that’s right 45 nil  45 - 0 45 nil tell your friends (and your nemesis) that we won 45-0.

      See full size image      -  0


today I went to the bank and have nearly got my debit card then a short while after that I went to a quiz where the 4 of us came about 4 which was very good.


And now a note from my sponsor Stewi Griffin

“I’m going to kill you all”.

Sunday 31 January



Today there was no rugby so instead I stayed in bed and played halo2 on my Xbox it truly is awesome (and epic).

Here’s the trailer.

After that nothing much happened so I watched family guy. But then…






nothing happened again.   

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