Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday 30 April - Last Night 4 Now

Watched rest of Flashforward episode this AM on return from work (fell asleep during episode the night before) but resisted the temptation to watch the next. So after my morning dose of the great JK show I departed for my bed. Slept intermittently as usual and woke at 6:00 PM unrefreshed. Deb left immediately to pick up Nat and his mates from the Vue where they’d gone to see Ironman 2, leaving me to cook tea. I cooked the spaghetti but left the rest until they were home, Deb had left the meatballs on the work surface and it appears that Monty has finally twigged how to get things off of it because when she returned, shortly later, half of them had gone. So we had spaghetti with a wartime portion of meatballs for tea...bastard dog!

It’ll be my last night at work tonight for probably the next two or so months as I’m finally getting my hip replacement next Wednesday. It was frantic at work you’d have thought it was winter again; I think the company may have switched to the summer manning rotas a little early! Frighteningly, my mobile rang, I rarely get calls on it, and I rushed outside to answer it expecting the worse. It was Nat asking what email he had used to register with X-Box; he and Deb were trying to sign him up for a year’s membership before his months free trail ran out tomorrow. Gave them the needed info and later phoned to check they’d done what they wanted. What a joke Nat can’t renew his membership with his existing name because the system says that name is already taken…of course it’s taken it’s his name you stupid system. It’ll be a shame if he can’t use UBUMMER because he’s told all his friends that it’s his online name and they search for it to see if he’s online. Microsoft you really do deserve the bad name you so often get…You Gits!

It continued to be as busy as buggery until well after midnight but finally toward 1:00 things began to slow down. I took the opportunity to fill in this and next week’s holiday and sick leave forms. I must remember to send JDM an email, to let him know where I’ve left my lottery money, before I leave in the morning.

Having been impressed by other peoples efforts I decided to try and come up with a tweet exactly 140 characters long using as many election hashtags as I could fit in and still make sense; I’m very please with the following tweet:-

“#thesun #fakecleggheadlines says it’s #nickcleggsfault that #DavidCameronIsACunt. #nickclegg in #leadersdebate, says no he’s a selfmade man! “

Six, count them, hashtags and it makes sense and it’s exactly 140 characters…I rule!!!! I also added the following question and answer, again 140 characters:-

“What do call, a young, geographically astute American civilian, with a passport, who can find Afghanistan on a map? A wannabe drug smuggler.”

I’m about to see if I can come up with anymore, I use twitter fairly infrequently but when I do I tend to get the bit between my teeth and endeavour to create as many as I can. My rule is though that they have to be exactly 140 characters. I’ll do shorter for genuine communication but not for these. Here goes on a couple more:-

If #DavidCameronIsACunt and #iagreewithnick that he may be, does that mean that The Slitheen have the same sexual organs as normal ladies?

#DavidCameronIsACunt and it isn’t #nickcleggsfault; is it because he’s the result of an experiment mixing the worst #Blair + #Murdoch genes!

I've just turned round in my seat to find the entire team assembled behind me; they've got me a brilliant card wishing me well for my coming op...what a smashing bunch they all are. I never expected anything like this it never even crossed my mind. Thanks everyone.

Just two and a half hours left!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Penultimate Night at Work and The Long Dark Night of the Soul

I've just arrived at work for my last but one day before I go on sick leave to have my hip replaced. In addition deb and I have just had a massive fight at home. My head is splitting and I feel like I'm burning up, I've just been to the loo to dab my ears with water in an attempt to cool down. I must look as red as a beetroot, if the way my face feels is any indication, I know my arm arches like buggery from lying on it awkwardly in bed today, somebody shoot me...Please!

There’s just one week left in this election campaign and the last leadership debate took place this evening. As on the previous two occasions I’m at work and unable to watch it on TV. However I had the BBC website up and, between calls, read the ongoing reports as it proceeded.

Still not one of them is willing to tell the unvarnished truth above how bad the cuts, they’re going to have to impose, are going to be. Maybe, after the polls are closed and the unlucky winner is in office, he’ll let us know the truth.
Aside from the constant tiredness brought about by my poorly hip I think this is the real reason why I’m so short tempered with the kids and Deb; it’s because I think I know what’s coming and I CAN’T SEEM TO GET THROUGH TO THEM JUST HOW COMPETITIVE AND DANGEROUS THE WORLD is likely to be when the kids are grown.

The term “A Perfect Storm” seems to have been over used in the last few years, especially in disaster films, but it seems to me that it’s apropos to the coming decades:

1. The West, the USA in particular, has virtually bankrupt itself over the last 3 decades in an orgy of (increasingly Chinese financed) over consumption and it now faces a period of austerity unparalleled in modern times. What’s happening in Greece today could easily spread to and affect all of the other economies of the European Union tomorrow. The USA has had a generation of political leaders who have convinced its citizens that they can have the best of both worlds - increase consumption and reduced taxes, hence the reason that their internal infrastructure, road, rail and most importantly EDUCATION, is collapsing. The have cultivated a population of demanding ignoramuses who don’t understand why they can’t keep having more and more and who either, refuse to try or are too stupid to understand this - if ever a state could be equated to a spoilt demanding brat then the present day USA is such a state. If you don't agree; watch this

If all of the forgoing weren’t bad enough then given the additional factors listed below there’s no guarantee that the West, or the World, will ever truly emerge from this situation;

2. China, India, Brazil, Russia, to name just the four biggest, have growing economies and populations (well not Russia in the case of population) and these populations aspire to emulate the living standards of the West. The Earth can’t, in the long term, sustain the West’s consumption at its current level so how can it possibly support all these additional aspirations?

3. The World blindly uses up irreplaceable resources without giving any serious thought to how it will replace the irreplaceable. After peak oil* comes no oil – literally - and given point 2 above we’ll slide down the slope a damn site quicker than we climbed up it; The US military, at least, has already grasped this fact!

4. The population** of the world continues to rise and rise and rise with no, non-Malthusian catastrophe, end in sight. This uncontrolled growth is encouraged by the primitive religious faiths that cling to the belief that contraception is a sin against God – Yah Christianity and Islam, in particular, I’m talking about your deluded death worshipping cults;

5. The World refuses to face up to the REALITY of Man made climate change and take drastic action to avert its worse consequences. In fact, to make things even worse, there are groups who, for various and sundry reasons, seek to deny that there is even such a thing as climate change;

6. Fusion power****, the great hope of my childhood ( I was and am a Sci Fi reader), still appears to remain fifty years away and without it there’s no possible way we are going to be able to meet future energy demands, no matter how many windmills you built. Solar has a chance in some places, the US could supply all it's domestic power requirements if it deployed enough solar furnaces in its desert states, but even then you can't power a plane or car directly with it.

The only good thing that can be said about is that they provide all the elements needed to write the greatest dystopian post-apocalyptic novel ever written.

Is there any wonder why I’m so short tempered, if I could afford a fortress I’d equip it for a long term siege and lock the kids in it until the slaughter was over; because the wars over oil will be as nothing to those that will be fought over food and water. Without oil the USA won’t be the bread basket*** of the world any longer; it’ll have enough problems feeding its own population. If Europe wants to survive it’s going to have to become a self-sustaining fortress and hope that it can keep out the millions of dispossessed clamouring at its doors long enough for them to die off!!!

Well on those cheery notes perhaps it’s time to stop for tonight.

*Oil will not just "run out" because all oil production follows a bell curve. This is true whether we're talking about an individual field, a country, or on the planet as a whole. Oil is increasingly plentiful on the up slope of the bell curve, increasingly scarce and expensive on the down slope. The peak of the curve coincides with the point at which the endowment of oil has been 50 percent depleted. Once the peak is passed, oil production begins to go down while cost begins to go up.
Optimistic estimations of peak production forecast the global decline will begin by 2020 or later, and assume major investments in alternatives will occur before a crisis, without requiring major changes in the lifestyle of heavily oil-consuming nations. These models show the price of oil at first escalating and then retreating as other types of fuel and energy sources are used. Pessimistic predictions of future oil production operate on the thesis that either the peak has already occurred, that oil production is on the cusp of the peak, or that it will occur shortly. As proactive mitigation may no longer be an option, a global depression is predicted, perhaps even initiating a chain reaction of the various feedback mechanisms in the global market that might stimulate a collapse of global industrial civilization, potentially leading to large population declines within a short period. Throughout the first two quarters of 2008, there were signs that a global recession was being made worse by a series of record oil prices.

** Another significant factor on petroleum demand has been human population growth. Oil production per capita peaked in the 1970s. The United States Census Bureau predicts that the world population in 2030 will be almost double that of 1980.[29] Author Matt Savinar predicts that oil production in 2030 will have declined back to 1980 levels as worldwide demand for oil significantly out-paces production. Physicist Albert Bartlett claims that the rate of oil production per capita is falling, and that the decline has gone undiscussed because a politically incorrect form of population control may be implied by mitigation. Oil production per capita has declined from 5.26 barrels per year (0.836 m3/a) in 1980 to 4.44 barrels per year (0.706 m3/a) in 1993,[29][33] but then increased to 4.79 barrels per year (0.762 m3/a) in 2005. In 2006, the world oil production took a downturn from 84.631 to 84.597 million barrels per day (13.4553×10^6 to 13.4498×10^6 m3/d) although population has continued to increase. This has caused the oil production per capita to drop again to 4.73 barrels per year (0.752 m3/a).
One factor that has so far helped ameliorate the effect of population growth on demand is the decline of population growth rate since the 1970s, although this is offset to a degree by increasing average longevity in developed nations. In 1970, the population grew at 2.1%. By 2007, the growth rate had declined to 1.167%. However, oil production is still outpacing population growth to meet demand. World population grew by 6.2% from 6.07 billion in 2000 to 6.45 billion in 2005, whereas according to BP, global oil production during that same period increased from 74.9 to 81.1 million barrels (11.91×10^6 to 12.89×10^6 m3), or by 8.2%. Or according to EIA, from 77.762 to 84.631 million barrels (12.3632×10^6 to 13.4553×10^6 m3), or by 8.8%.

*** Because supplies of oil and gas are essential to modern agriculture techniques, a fall in global oil supplies could cause spiking food prices and unprecedented famine in the coming decades. Geologist Dale Allen Pfeiffer contends that current population levels are unsustainable, and that to achieve a sustainable economy and avert disaster the United States population would have to be reduced by at least one-third, and world population by two-thirds The largest consumer of fossil fuels in modern agriculture is ammonia production (for fertilizer) via the Haber process, which is essential to high-yielding intensive agriculture. The specific fossil fuel input to fertilizer production is primarily natural gas, to provide hydrogen via steam reforming. Given sufficient supplies of renewable electricity, hydrogen can be generated without fossil fuels using methods such as electrolysis. For example, the Vemork hydroelectric plant in Norway used its surplus electricity output to generate renewable ammonia from 1911 to 1971 Iceland currently generates ammonia using the electrical output from its hydroelectric and geothermal power plants, because Iceland has those resources in abundance while having no domestic hydrocarbon resources, and a high cost for importing natural gas However, in the near term, almost every large-scale source of renewable energy still requires petroleum inputs, such as to fuel construction equipment and to transport workers and materials. Iceland, for example, has abundant renewable energy resources, but still depends critically on liquid fuels from petroleum, all of which it must import. If the supply of petroleum should fall faster than people can learn how to build renewable energy infrastructure using only renewable inputs, it may not be possible to maintain the intensive agriculture necessary to support the high global population.

**** Despite optimism dating back to the 1950s about the wide-scale harnessing of fusion power, there are still significant barriers standing between current scientific understanding and technological capabilities and the practical realization of fusion as an energy source. Research, while making steady progress, has also continually thrown up new difficulties. Therefore it remains unclear whether an economically viable fusion plant is possible.[22][23] A 2006 editorial in New Scientist magazine opined that "if commercial fusion is viable, it may well be a century away." Interestingly, a pamphlet printed by General Atomics in 1970s stated that "By the year 2000, several commercial fusion reactors are expected to be on-line."
Several fusion D-T burning tokamak test devices have been built (TFTR, JET), but these were not built to produce more thermal energy than electrical energy consumed. Despite research having started in the 1950s, no commercial fusion reactor is expected before 2050. The ITER project is currently leading the effort to commercialize fusion power. A paper published in January 2009 and part of the IAEA Fusion Conference Proceedings at Geneva last October claims that small 50 MW Tokamak style reactors are feasible. On May 30, 2009, the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), primarily a weapons lab, announced the creation of a high-energy laser system, the National Ignition Facility, which can heat hydrogen atoms to temperatures only existing in nature in the cores of stars. The new laser is expected to have the ability to produce, for the first time, more energy from controlled, inertially-confined nuclear fusion than was required to initiate the reaction.
On January 28, 2010, the LLNL announced tests using all 192 laser beams, although with lower laser energies, smaller hohlraum targets, and substitutes for the fusion fuel capsules. More than one megajoule of ultraviolet energy was fired into the hohlraum, besting the previous world record by a factor of more than 30. The results gave the scientists confidence that they will be able to achieve ignition in more realistic tests scheduled to begin in the summer of 2010.

Wednesday 28 April



After school today I went to Hinckley and I played a 40 minute game of rugby which went:

1st 10 min period - 0 tries


2nd 10 min - 2 tries to them


3rd 10 min - 0 tries


4th 10 min - 1 try to us 1 to them. 


So they won 4 to 1 but oh well it was just a game. We went back to the changing room with the bike that almost killed Ben because the pedals, which are spiky, hit the back of his leg and drew blood. But any way we got changed into shirts and trousers, however I did keep my shin pads on ( in case they were like Syston ) then we went to the club house and had sausages, beans and chips. We were presented with our ties, so now we are juniors not minis. we now have to wear a shirt and tie ( and trousers ) to games. Robyn who has to leave this year because we can’t mix boys and girls next year got a present and a card and was called one of the worlds most frightening women After this we had a team photo and went home had some chips and a pie and a sausage and went to bed.    

practicing mobile blogging

I'm lying here in bed waiting to get up when i thought I'd see what it's like to blog on a phone from bed something I'll be doing next week in hospital. It seems quite easy all told and i cant see it being a problem.
This has taken of about 5 Min's to write including working out how to do paragraphs.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tuesday 22 - Wed 28 April -

I've not done a GREAT DEAL this last 8 days it seems or if I have I can't immediately recollect it; Tues, Wed and Thurs were work days therefore daytime consisted, in the main, of going to bed to try and get some sleep. Spent much time on line following the election and, finally, started to watch my way through the backlog of TV programmes stored on the Virgin+ box.
I'm going to have to set up a private Twitter account and use it to make brief blog notes. That way if, like this week, I fail to keep this blog up to date then at least I'll have a list of items to aid my recollection when I do get round to writing it. I've just done it
It was Deb’s Mum’s birthday on the 24th but I’m not sure which one… sorry Doreen.

It was Debs birthday on the 27th I’m sure which one but I won’t mention it. As with mine we didn’t do anything special on hers, cos we’ve not got any fricking money!
She did buy the DVD of Avatar that day, I think it was that day it may have been the day before but which ever one it was we watched it that day. Donna’s Son Josh had to go into hospital to have FOUR!!! Teeth out and when he came home he was in such pain that he had to be rushed back in; his loving Father and his gorgeous bird pulled up outside the house to drop his sister off just as the ambulance arrived but being the delightful people they both are neither could be bothered to get out of their car to see if he was OK!
Wednesday signalled a Rugby Right of Passage for Nat. This was the night of the memorial match with Hinckley Rugby club the last match that either team would play as mini’s marking their transition to juniors. After the match, which The Vipers lost for the 16th year in a row, there was a meal in the Hinckley club house followed by the presentation of their club ties. From now on they can’t come to matches already dressed in their kit; they have to ware a shirt and tie and get changed at the venue. Oddly Nat likes wearing shirts and ties…he’s a strange lad! Bye the Bye, even though they lost the game it was one of the best they have played and it allowed Robin, the only girl in the team, to go out on a high note hitting all and sundry of the opposition with her deadly elbows and making some great breaks…Christ that kid’s tough! She was presented, at the meal, with the photo that Deb had bought of her when she had last played at Oadby Wyggstonians. Junior teams are single sex so she can’t play with the lads any longer but, it seems, she’s already signed up to play for a girls team next season.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sunday 25 - tuesday28 of April




Today we did rugby training so we did sprinting used scrum machines and did tackling drills and the like so nothing spectacular happened except I won in my part of the sprinting races and brought glory back for my team so yeah.


Sigh back to school back to RE and English the subjects created by saten which is ironic for RE when I got home there was nothing to do so I went on the XBOX and found a funny Skeptoied.



Today the only thing that happened today was that I trapped my thumb in a door at school and it hurt allot so I was sadend and then it swelled and then it healed and I was happy again I then came home and wrote this.

Wednesday 21-Saturday 24 of april




Today I had scouts were we did a night hike and my patrol came first we got back first and had all the right answers to the questions we had been set then after that we played net ball and I scored … 2 shots. More than anyone else and that is because I am the greatest. I can’t really write any more about Wednesday so now I’ll go to…



Today I did Judo and as usual I won some fights lost others I also helped teach the younger ones there with throws and holds and other Judo things Like lifts and strangle holds. And now on to…



Today in cooking we made macaroni cheese


the recipe is

put 250ml of milk,50g of flour and 50g of butter put this on a stove at a low temperature and stir until about the density of custard while doing this put your pasta in to a big saucepan filled with water and a dab of olive oil then great 100g of cheese put about 2/3 of this in the source and stir until you cant see the cheese then drain your pasta and put the source on it put in a container and sprinkle on the left over cheese top it of with some tomato the put it in the oven at a medium temp for 10 min now sit back and enjoy.



Today I went into town to go to GW so we went in Sam,Zac and I we played a few games with the might of my space wolves winning as usual. At about 12:30 we had lunch Maryland Chicken and then I got a GAME reward card.then we went back to GW and played more games and did some painting and the we came home and went on our XBOXs and played halo 3 which is one of the best games of all time.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursday 22 April - CRB, School Rugby, Twitter headlines

Got home this A.M. and spent most of the morning writing stupid, but I thought they were funny, #fakenickcleggheadlines for Twitter (see below) because I was to tired to be tired, if that makes any sense (it will to anyone who’s ever worked nights). Shortly before I actually decided to bite the bullet and go to bed I received a call from Brockington College re: Deb's governor's Meeting next week and her needing to complete a CRB* check form. Left her an almost incomprehensible note requesting she called the school when she got home...surprise surprise she didn't ring. I told her, it doesn't matter how much she tries to avoid filling in the form eventually they're going to find out that she was one of the Great Train Robbers… Sixty years and a sex change can’t hide some things!

Nat was supposed to play Rugby for Brockington College over in Market Harborough today but forgot to get Deb to sign the permission slip; no problem his nine year old sister faked their Mum's signature for him**. Unfortunately, as it turns out, they lost the match but that's all part of life's rich tapestry…Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm on EA tonight’s whilst Ash is doing manuals; it's pretty quite tonight so, in between him watching Top Gear and me scrutinising the twittersphere for more Nick Clegg tweets and reading reviews of the three leaders debate earlier, we've been swapping telephone call horror stories. I couldn’t top his Thai Bride and her Thirteen Bedrooms Saga…Oh God the sheer unmitigated horror of it all!!
I'm not planning on a huge enormous gigantic large long big entry tonight, Oh Ah Mrs, so listed below are my attempts at being funny or even occasionally serious, on twitter...nite all.

The BNP, it is #nickcleggsfault that its Simple Mission is providing Simple Answers 2 Simple Questions 4 Simple People… BNP simply nonsense!

about 2 hours ago via web

Delete #election It’s Our Simple Mission Simply providing Simple Answers 2 Simple Questions 4 Simple People… BNP you know i

#fakecleggheadlines Dole scrongers who do murder their kids will keep their benefits unless they opt to serve their sentence under rule 42.

  1. #fakecleggheadlines To reduce future social security costs dole scrongers who don't murder their children will have their benefits withdrawn
  2. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg plans to compel all Daily Mail readers to fellate seven bogus asylum seekers daily Policy re:their wifes undecided
  3. I’m not saying its #NickCleggsFault but the last time I looked I wasn't sharing my home with 20 asylum seekers who expect me their cook tea!
  4. I’m not saying its #NickCleggsFault but the last time I looked I wasn't expected to share my house with 2 convicted Paedophiles and now I am
  5. “I hate fucking pouffe” says man who fails 2 comprehend the joy of sexual congress with an item of furniture used as a footstool or low seat
  6. “I hate fucking poufs” says man who failed to understand the joy of indulging in congress with a hairstyle deriving from 18th-century France
  7. #fakecleggheadlines mysickbones rejects epithet of "sad wanker". "It's not my fault" he claims "I just had this persistent itch in my pants"
  8. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg laughs at torment of sad wanker compelled 2 tweet fake headlines when he's got work tonight and should be in bed!
  9. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg defames late great TV Stars Reg Varney and Gordon Jackson at medieval fencing contest "I hate you Buckler" he says
  10. #fakecleggheadlines Inarticulate Clegg claims "when I supped with the Devil it was him wat had to use a long spoon the fucking nouncy twat."
  11. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg announces - 72 virgins for every muslim voter plan. Offer not valid in Essex or surrounds due to severe shortages!
  12. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg says LibDems will clear national deficit and hasten Rapture by selling scrapped Trident missile system to Al Qaeda
  13. #fakecleggheadlines Prince Albert strips to reveal his Devil worshipping baby eating puppy buggering rubber donkey molesting Clegg piercing
  14. #fakecleggheadlines Video exposes Clegg's promise 2 Lucifer Virgin Sacrifice will become part of primary school syllabus when he's elected!
  15. #fakecleggheadlines All Daily Mail reader's underage daughters 2B married off to bogus asylum seeking paedophiles to massage asylum claims!
  16. #fakecleggheadlines Clegg claims the late belove TV chef Keith Floyd was crap, " every fucking baby he ever cooked me was burned, the twat"
  17. #fakecleggheadlines To reduce prison overcrowding, families with young children will have to provide lodgings for two convicted Paedophiles!
  18. #fakecleggheadlines "Yes I did rape Nora Batty, so what the fuck's it got to do with you cunt face" says foul mouth LibDem heartthrob Clegg!
  19. #fakecleggheadlines "David "call me dave" Cameron ate my fucking hamster" first, claims blood soaked, lip licking, Devil worshipping Clegg.
  20. #fakecleggheadlines OAPs to get single mothers babies as part of winter fuel allowance. Clegg claims it'll provide much needed extra heating
  21. #fakecleggheadlines Why I don't regret the time I spent as chief oven repairman at Auschwitz. You call it a Holocaust I called it a Holiday!
  22. BBC 4 announces latest new series. Examining claims that capital punishment does deter murder. Working title: Let them Hang Goes The Theory.
  23. BBC 4 announces latest new series. It examines people who only crash their cars when they are very tired. Working title: Prang Go The Weary.
  24. BBC 4 announces latest new series. It examines people who get sexually aroused when they are very tired. Working title: Bang Goes The Weary.
  25. "Eat my shots" says man wearing whisky soaked trousers. Later seen shouting at passerby "Vodka looking at u twat". Seems to be a rum fellow!
  26. If the knives are out for Clegg & it certainly seems that they are, then he must be doing something right. Is the Daily Mail running scared?
  27. Re: David "call me Dave" Cameron I agree with my wife if elected PM he will unzip his forehead and show us all The Slitheen within#election

* Criminal Records Bureau – what everyone in the UK, who comes into regular official contact with Kids, has to fill in to prove that they are not a paedophile (or a liar)! Methinks that the Catholic Church might have benefited from having a similar vetting process for anyone applying to join the Priesthood…NOT!

** We still deciding whether to punish them for dishonesty or reward them for showing initiative