Tuesday, 15 September 1981

Approx September 1981 - Price Waterhouse, Skipworth Street, Proposal

Started work at Price Waterhouse as a trainee chartered accountant but didn't appreciate that finally I was doing something that would actually require me to sit down and study so didn't qualify and left after two years.
 Deb working as a traffic warden after being let down by the solicitor who had promised to article her.
After much to-ing and fro-ing between the builders and the vendor the purchase of 14 Skipworth Street finally completed and we moved out of the flat on Evington Road and into our new terrace house. At this time the interest rate was at 12+% and our repayments on an £8,000 mortgage were huge. Within a year they had halved. Nice place to live, great corner shop unfortunately a young black guy moved in next door and over a period of 20 months, due to the drugs, changed from a nice block into a total c*ut who I often fantasised about killing. Eventually he forced our move from the property thus bollixing our plan to keep and rent out the house as a start to acquiring a rent property portfolio. Mind at the time getting a buy to let mortgage was impossible, if you couldn't get the money from family you couldn't get started. this is why most of the people doing this in Leicester are Asian because this is what they did; pooled family money.
At some point during this period I suggested to deb that it might be a good idea to get married for the tax relief so we did the following month on the twentieth.