Tuesday, 13 December 2011



I skiiiiiiiii......  today I went to the dry ski slope in Swadlincote - when we first arrived I had to go through to the equipment desk and get some wait for it some ski boots and skis.  Size 10 boots and 150cm skis.  Then we had to wait, and wait for the ski instructor and the rest of the class to arrive.  The instructor was called Pete, and the group comprised mainly old fogies plus Ellie (from Brockington) and her friend.

First thing we learned was how to put on the boots and skis, then how to walk with skis on, up hills and forwards and backwards.  Then after going up the hill sideways I was the first to ski down.  We continued skiing down the slope one after another, the old people took soooooo loooooooong it was ridiculous they had no speed going an inch a minute then they would fall over or veer off and have to be rescued.

We we had to jump on the skiss I fell over  ..... at least I didn't end up on my arse whist standing still..
It was tipping it down and windy - I got soaked but it was great fun

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hi yo my future self - today I did tech - we are doing work towards our GCSE - we had to make sheets of design ideas for a eco game device - mine were the U Products the U pad, the U pod, the U square, the U wheel and the U triangle and many overprices U accessories.

I was invited to an engineering visit next April - £95 for 4 days - at Wolverhampton University. Mum says I may be able to go just depends when they need the money.

In English we did WW1 poetry - Wilfred Owens Dulce et Decorum Est - It is sweet and proper to die for ones country We had to read the poem in preparation for writing an essay on his poems