Saturday, 28 February 2009

Saturday 28 - First day of 2099 on the Allotment

Today was the first day that we have spent on the allotment this year.
Hannah and I did the digging and Nat did a little light weeding, but he did mend the compost bin.
The cabbages are a bit battered and have been well nibbled by something, the broad beans have caught the frost but the onions look OK.
Nat has decided where he wants to put a small pond and we found a frog - so lets hope he stays to enjoy it this summer.

It's Been a Long Time Since We Spoke!

Well hello there blogasphere, been awhile since I last visited. Got a new hip ya know, one more to go. Spent the first week of Dec08 well stitched up at Leicester General. Super surgeon whipped out me old hip and stuffed in a new one in record time, being cool and not under a general I spent the time comparing mobile phones with the gas pusher (who wasn't pushing gas as I had an epidural).