Wednesday, 14 October 1998

6 - 21 October 1998 - A Week in Northumberland, Nat's First Holiday, 1 Year Old, The Builders Are In, Living Upstairs

October 1998 was a month of firsts; we went on holiday for the first time, I went to Scotland for the first time, We ate haggis for the first time, Nat, for the first time, laughed at me burning my mouth on a chilli, we went to Lindisfarne get the picture.
caravan park
Huge music Store
Brassed Off CD
Russian Military Choral Music?
Pub Garden
Train Whistle
The Royal Mile
Black Whisky

Berwick on Tweed
Toy Shops
Haggis and Chips by the river tweed
Cannons on the Castle

Bede's World
Feeding the Goats
Travelling Home
Noddy Car at the services
Travelling too far done the A1 where's the M1

Getting the builders in and knocking the downstairs rooms together
Living upstairs
Nat's1st Birthday
Catapillar cake