Sunday, 29 December 2013

fucked off

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Saturday night comedy show headach

Sat 16/12

Deborah Nathaniel and Hannah went to the handmade burger shop or restaurant for a meal with the fencing people

Well done Hannah

Lovely letter from Hannah's head of year saying how well she's doing 😅😄☺😀😃😁😂


A Letter From School

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Just Got Up

Okay I've just woken had a shower and getting my shit Together and I'm off out to the white Centre PC Simon Evans and if you are the comedians and I'm going out its unbelievable I'm going out what is going on

Friday, 13 December 2013


This is just a test to see if this will work

Sleeping Sickness or What

Jesus think it's time to see the quack. Fell asleep again last evening about 7 pm woke at 5.30 am. This is absurd probably nod off again later this morning too. Hannah also off school today not well so maybe looking after her will keep me awake. Good thing I didn't go to Team Xmas meal last night as I probably would have fallen asleep in the soup.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Walking in The Air from The Snowman: Brockington College Orchestra

Toys Talkis

To beer or not to beer

I was planning to go into Leicester City today and just to have a walk around do you little Christmas shopping perhaps sit in the pub have a beer read a book but it's now 12:30 and the prospect of actually putting on a jacket walking outside and standing at the bus stop does not fill me with great joy so I can't decide whether to stay home or bite the bullet and make a move. There is one thing I have discovered however and that is if you take your time and clearly pronounce each room (??? Word) without running them together the speech dictation and speech recognition software seems to work perfectly fine is (with) very very few errors or at least that's what I'm hoping this will see when I reach the end.

Photos - Google+

Photos - Google+

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Hannah and Rebecca Sing At Brockington College Xmas Concert Wednesday 11 December 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hannah's Birthday Cake

test againagain

Just Testing

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Sent from Meyrick

Hannahs Birthday Pictures

Hannah Birthday Again

Another attempt to post photos direct from the nokia 808 into blogger.


Hannah Back Row in the Middle

Hannah Birthday

Sent from Meyrick

Hannah Picture

Sent from Meyrick

Hannah's birthday television

Okay well after some effort with put hannahs TV up got it linked to the cable box and she's ready to go though for some reason it looks a bit lopsided and you have to judge for yourself on the photograph but I'm sure that shelf is not quite straight however it'll have to do for the moment so they change television where is fingerprint on it and unfortunately an old cable box that will access Netflix but then again she is getting an iPad for Christmas which will so it's all swings and roundabouts and you can't have everything I could live in this room hi got rid of her shit I could put a PC next to the cable box run the PC to the television have a fridge for a beer little table by the chair to put my note and I'm not not mind up my kindle and my my kindle broke my nexus phone my beer and I would be happy speaking shit

Hannah's 13th birthday

It is Hannah's 13th birthday today unfortunate she opened all her presents before I got home so I never saw any of that nor did Deb take any photographs because the iPhone 3GS camera is crappy and it didn;'t think to use Hannah's Nokia or Nat's android phone which would've taken decent photographs so got no record of that and I'm a bit miffed to be honest! Left out as usual probably arrive home to same come Xmas morning.

Test at work to see if Audioboo can be stored until later upload

Happy 13th birthday Hannah

Birthday photographs with some pressies as well in a minute 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Braunstone life arrives

Right just received this year's Christmas special edition of a person life magazine and I'm about to take a picture of it and save the cover for project posterity but I can't say posterity so that will probably come out some wood going to deliberately begin

New blog using nexus 7

This is just an experiment I just want to see whether or not I can do the same thing on the nexus as I can on the iphone and whether or not publishing a blog just a z z and it is the voice recognition on here is very good evening I have for some reason I got to z z the other. As norway ok the builder of norway vat the builder of norway this is getting serious perhaps I should speak more clearly and enunciate my words more slowly and that way perhaps they may be fewer errors to correct

Hannah how to blog

Okay this morning we're having a little plaque to see whether or not Hannah Walton is it going to be settings you can keep talking iPod iPod anybody that will be recorded faithfully by this voice recognition software you have to bring it close like this for my mother for find alternative take any more please okay let's see better recognition by having it closer you are Mrs having it closer to Mrs up sorry and it not having Hannah going I want to blogger nomad blog quietly in the background because Poole little microphone can't do you want to pick up one time it's not the kind of microphone to sleep microphone it's a one-man microphone it lives just a thought just one person I'm a lot to me.this microphone megaphone pictures of me having an affair with someone else yes why
A microphone 88282

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Test once more

Time for bed sleepy head

Okay it's 11:11 on Saturday morning I should be awake in seven hours free to eat and get ready for work I'm not quite sure what's can happen sleep voice I slept nine hours yesterday and walk absolutely shattered I'm not tired at the moment I'm reading a Clash of Kings the second of the ice and Fire are some ice on Fire by George R Martin or as most people refer to it game of thrones nearly finished so should I just carry on till the end of the 100 pages left before I tried to sleep all it make more sense to turn on a podcasts to an audiobook and trying get some sleep sooner rather later I can't understand why I'm so tired stupid thing is of had no alcohol for days aside from those couple of pints on Wednesday when we went out from meal so it can't be that that's causing the problem and I've drunk so much coffee I should be climbing the ceiling.😄😄😄😄😄😄🐰🎅🚀⬅️⬆️⬇️➡️ And in addition I've just discovered the money comes I didn't even realise there were any so there is where all the pretty pictures that people who use iPhones saying get them from what I'm getting more impressed with this phone by the day it may not have a camera comparable with a Nokia silly not with you to wait but for all intents and purposes and already here is it kicks the shit because it just integrates everything no wonder people for for iPhones and will have anything else the screen could do with being bigger but then again my perfect day for no that would be one with a Nokia quality camera the size of a Galaxy note 3 or perhaps even the assumption mega a quick with the integration iOS 7+ the App Store plus battery lasted more than a day that would be perfect all the e-book reader screen on the back but that might get in the way the camera however surely would be ways around that camera doesn't require much as long as there's a big lens a xenon flash and optical image stabilization! Have to say I am getting hoped on this dictation lark because it's so much easier than trying to write especially on mobile the keyboard on exactly designed for my into St James and to build line of text perhaps but certainly not a blog entry and it appears that the voice recognition software on the iPhone is particularly good because the errors are feeling for between I am incredibly impressed with how well this works are more about you

Blogging Florida

Okay it's been a long night been trying to get the blog posts for Florida sorted have manage finally to get into August just finished July 30 when we left Orlando and started on our way to Perry via Diane's house for provisions (nice Italian provisions) and then we made our way up to Perry but I'm actually just trying to get Flickr and blogger on Facebook or talk to each other tonight and then after a lot of effort they seem to finally to have done so so now I think I've got this sorted it still will be a long drawnout operation because you can only upload 200 photographs at the time to Flickr and I have more than that to each and every day of the holiday so it's a question of waiting and just making sure that you allocate the right pictures to the right sets