Thursday, 4 November 2004

4 November - My First Night of Nights on Nights!

Tonight I joined the JDM overnight team at BGS. We work four nights on followed by four nights off; yes that does mean you can get 12 days off  every time you book four days holiday. If you want longer it doesn't work out quite so well because to go to 16 days requires you to take 8 days leave although of course this then automatically becomes 20 days because at the end of the 16 days you start your four days off1 Keeping track of holiday, I'm told, can get confusing. As I've just returned from one I think I'll leave this subject now to another day.
The teams is comprised of:
John - The Manager
We work from 10PM through the night until 8AM next morning dealing, in the main, with overnight emergencies involving water leaks and such like. There are two specialist jobs overnight that we take turns doing. One is known as manuals, the IT system goes off-line after 10PM to update so all calls afterward until 6AM are recorded in ink on manual worksheets. These need to be collected sorted and eventually faxed to the appropriate centre before 7AM. In winter this is apparently a big job. The other special job is dealing with issuing emergency jobs to over night stand by engineers. This can involve a lot of diplomacy if you wish to avoid getting your ear chewed off by an irate engineer. I enjoyed my first night and everyone brokre me in gently. I will shadow the special jobs quite a few times before going solo. The team seem to be a good bunch although I haven't met hasmuhk yet as he is away on holiday.