Thursday, 31 May 2007

Must Remember to Write

I read the other day that there are something like 200 million (can that be right) abandoned blogs. I've just realised I haven't posted for days so I must make a resolution to write something regularly or my blog will become one of the 200 million.

I Finally Remembered to Start Writing in 2009

Saturday, 19 May 2007

At the moment I'm reading all of Richard Dawkins' books and some written by other prominent atheists. If anyone else wants to read these I've added a link where they can be downloaded from - Atheist Texts
Richard Dawkins:
The God Delusion(2006)
The Devil's Chaplain(2003)
Unweaving The Rainbow(2000)
The Blind Watchmaker(1996)
The Selfish Gene S.E.(1990)
Sam Harris:
Letter to a Christian Nation(2006)
Carl Sagan:
Pale Blue Dot(1997)
Demon Haunted World(1997)

Maybe, if we can rid ourselves of these supernatural delusions we can finally realise that we are all human beings sharing one world and it's the World not non-existent souls that needs saving. There's no Paradise, so you don't need to blow me up to get your 72 virgins (by the way that's a mistranslation - it's actually 72 raisins), there's no rapture to prepare for, there's just you and me, each of us with just this one life to live and just this one beautiful planet to live it on!

Hi Music Fans

I'm in the process of up loading all my music and audio files (100Gb+) to MediaMaster. Hopefully I can then set up play lists etc. so that all of you can stream any of this music from my Blog. Maybe I could then put a few adds on the site that will pay for my time and allow me to provide all this content for free.

Plus, you never know, visitors may find what I have to say elsewhere in this Blog interesting, oh well, we'll see.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Hi Monty Welcome to The Jones'

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Monty joins the Family