Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday 31 Jan - Back too Work, Another Month Gone By, Another Week Wasted!

No blogs last week cos nothing happened, unless you count the return of depression, drinking too much, fighting with Deb and alienating the Kids. Other than that not a thing. Except, on the spur of the moment, I went into Town on Friday (or was it Thursday) . I used to enjoy doing this when I was a student (oh so long ago). I'd visit all the bookshops ; virtually every Saturday I'd walk into Town, we lived near Victoria park at the time so it wasn't far and it was part of the experience and do the weekly round. I only had to walk into W H Smiths, for example, and glance around to spot all the new titles, I was that familiar with all the layouts and stock. I visited Smiths this week; what a difference I didn't have a clue who most of the authors were or what was where. So I had a couple of pints in The Highcross, after spending time in the Apple Store (which seems to have taken the place of bookshops in my affections), then walked some of the way home. Gave up and caught the bus when my good hip became too painful. It's remained painful for days now, along with the knee in my bad leg. I'm sure there's something wrong with the original replacement. I've spoken to a number of people who've had this Operation and they all report a lack of pain in the replaced hip. The replacement was done 14 months ago this coming Wednesday; it shouldn't be hurting now! I've got an appointment to see the Doctor on the 19 Feb even if he gives the go ahead for the Operation by the time its scheduled we'll be into March. this will mean of course that I probably won't be sufficiently recovered by early April when we're all supposed to be going to The Gadget Show Live at the NEC. So, I'll probably spend the day at home while Deb takes the Kids to the NEC to enjoy MY birthday present.

I went back to work tonight, after two days "holiday" (too painful to sleep so too knackered to go to work); as I mentioned last week it's quietened down a lot now that the weather's back to normal. I seem to be the only one sitting in this area of the bank now so I can't say that I indulged in any sustained conversations. Spent much of the night looking at weird photos on the web whilst catching up with the backlog of Google Reader articles. Still can't log into Gmail at work I must check mail when i get home, with my luck I'll have won all the competitions I've entered only to be disqualified for not responding to the emails advising me of these facts. That5's me, the glass is always half empty!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Wednesday 27 – Friday 29 January.




Nothing much happened at school so I’ll go straight to scouts where we did a cooking challenge.  My patrol made spag bol with tomato soup as a starter and apparently we made the best food.



After school today I had judo where I kicked butt but all good things must end and the way mine ended was by me hurting my right hand, first by getting a friction burn then by a twist in my wrist and finally by bleeding under 1 of my nails.


At school today I had DT where we built the frame for our name plates. After school I had arranged for Me, Jacob, Zac, Brandon, Vinay and Jonathon to go to Vue to see avatar. This is the 3rd time I have seen this film at the cinema and even though it has been there for a month now it was still in screen 1.  There is also the possibility of seeing it a 4th time at the IMAX in Birmingham with Vinay and his family ( I really love Avatar).

Monday 25 January

 After school today I had kick boxing were we practised for a grading but I most likely will not do because it costs £30 for a belt and certificate. Connor and Brandon from rugby showed up.  Now I am thinking of what to write next because I am trying to get 100 words and I’m only at 58 so I will say some random stuff I like Family Guy with Peter and Louis and Chris and quagmire and Stewie and brain and Joe and Cleveland and the evil monkey oh and meg I really really need to get out more.  

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tuesday 26 January

Today I got the bus to school. At lunch I had curry  and a naan. In period 6 I missed the start of French because I had to do a job for Miss Wright which was to deliver lost property around the school. At the end of school I had rugby where I scored 3 tries 1 more than last weeks 2. We also learned that our first game will be 2 weeks on Thursday and that we are mixed with the year 8.

Tuesday 26 January

Today I got the bus to school. At lunch I had curry for lunch. In period 6 I missed the start of French because I had to do a job for miss Wright which was to deliver lost property around the school. At the end of school I had rugby where I scored 3 tries 1 more than last weeks 2. We also learned that our first game will be in 2 weeks on Thursday. We also found out that we are mixed with the year 8.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sunday 24 January

Today I had rugby not a match but training were that special coach (who teaches us a Brockington)finally showed up but he taught the backs not the forwards so we went with Neil and did some work in body suites a body suit is a padded chest plate with pads to cover your arms and legs all held on with Velcro.

The drill was we tackled a person or tackle bag and then went in to a rook with  another padded monstrosity. Then us forwards played a small game in body suits.Now this adds up to 100 words.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday 24 Jan - Phone, Snow, Hanging, Mockney, Innit and PeopleSmugglers!

Oh My God!!!!! I’ve left my phone at home; this is a first. I never ever forget to take it everywhere with me because if Deb or the Kids forget theirs I really give them a roasting. I’m sure I’m going to receive no end of stick in the morning. Tonight, of course, something will happen at work, something that I will really really really wish I had a photo of and of course I won’t be able to take one. There may be no God (there isn’t) but Sods Law is definitely real!!!!! Y O Y O Y O Y (is not the structure of my Chromosomes – that’s XY XY XY – note to Huge Dennis - Mock the Week) did I not check; I always check; I always check that I’ve got it before I leave the house, always….Honest!

It’s reasonable quite, so far, tonight. There’s a steady stream of calls, mostly water leaks, but it’s nothing like as manic as it was two weeks ago. The Government should pass a law; snow is only allowed to fall if it doesn’t stick for longer than a day. Any annoying persistent snow that outstays its welcome should be subject to the harshest penalties the law can inflict. It’s true; HANGING is too good for these kinds of inconsiderate meteorological and tectonic* phenomena. I’m liberal on most issues but not on this; hang it all and let God sort it out, which of course he can’t because he isn’t real!

*That dodgy earthquake wouldn’t have dared to take them liberties, like those what it did take**, in Haiti if that country had enacted tough laws to discourage such behaviour. We know who’s at fault, it’s not the fault of “the fault” it’s the fault of the legislators! Hanging’s too good for them!!!!!!

** I’m sorry; I seem to have changed into some kind of Mockney wide boy during that sentence. I’ve obviously been listening to too much Lilly Allan, Innit***!

*** Bugger me; it seems that I may have turned Asian and whilst we’re talking about ethnicity did you know that?

“Last night Police announced that they have broken up a major people smuggling ring. It seems that the gang, comprised mainly of Eastern Europeans, may have been hoist on their own petard.
Attempting to help their human cargo, mostly ethnic Chinese, blend in they used the web to identify the four commonest British names. After examining the gang’s records the police said they are now looking for 701 Chinese men; 700 answering to the name John Mohammed Patel-Smith and one other known simply as Dimples!”
And finally on a very very sick note:
What do you call a stack of Haitians
six foot by six foot by six foot?
A Block of Flats

Saturday 23. Nat's Blog

Today I got up at about 9 o’clock.Soon after that I went in to town at about 9:45 were (where) I then waited till 10 when the store opened. When I got inside I played a game against a guy called Paul VERY ANOUING!!!!!!!! (Annoying) And (and) I kicked his arse but he always gives (gave) up just before you crush him. (new sentence capital letter)after that Sam and Zac should (showed) up we went for food MacDonald's and then we played a 2 on 1 game.Zac and me VS Sam and I also put Nigal together  After woods (afterwards) we played 5000 a side apocalypse as a team against 2 other guys it was a draw.Then I put Canis back together again. so (and not so) after that I came home did my literacy homework which was to find features in gothic films and books. When that was done I chillaxed.   

Nat is this what you meant to say, Dad?

I got up today at about 9 o’clock, then went into Town around 9:45. I arrived early at the Gamesworkshop and had to wait outside until they opened at 10:00. Once inside I played a game against a guy called Paul who was VERY ANNOYING… I kicked his arse but every time, as I was about to crush him, he quit and surrendered.

A little later, Sam and Zach arrived and we all decided that we would go to MacDonald’s for lunch. Afterward we played a 2 on 1 game; me and Zach VS Sam. (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN and I also put Nigel together). When we had finished we moved on to play, as a team, 5000 aside apocalypse against 2 other guys. This game ended in a draw. Finally, I rebuilt Canis then came home. Later I did my literacy homework where I had to find and identify features in gothic films and books. Afterward I chillaxed…..Innit!

Take your time mate, the ideas are there you need to concentrate on the presentaion so that people can make sense of them.. Dad

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sat 23 Jan - Miscellaneous Musings

Got home 07:45 and settled down, with a beer, to have some quite time before the kids woke. Nat was up at 08:50 because he had to be in Town for 10:00 in order to take part in a Games Workshop event he had been invited too earlier in the week (my Son getting phone calls of his own at home, he's certainly growing up). He called Zac, who lives near to see if he wanted a lift but I think Zaz got slightly mixed up as at 10:30 he turned up to give nat a lift into town! He a Deb left for town at 09:40 and Deb was back for 10:10. Evebtually I deceided to go to bed and went and turffed Hannah out of our bed.
I spent the rest of the day trying to listen to a podcast ( ) but kept falling asleep only to wakre and find it finished. I think I rewound it at least six times. Up at 18:00, dinner, watched the second Click special from the Consumer Electrionics Show in vagas and the first episode o fthe new series of Mock the Week. It's a shame that Frankie Boyle has had to quit the show because of ill health, his dark dark humour was solely missed.
Now at work, seems pretty quite tonight.....So Far!

Friday 22 - Sat 23 - EA and Ovi Maps

Jenny and I are doing EA/Manuals tonight, it seems as if the demand for emergency over night engineers has dropped away now that the snow’s gone so hopefully we won’t be run off our feet (we weren’t).

Hasmukh’s got a Nokia 5800 which is one of their recent touch screen phones that should be able to install the new free Ovi Maps software. When things had quietened down I borrowed the phone and installed the updated application. The process was fairly painless, initially I had to update his firmware (over the air without data loss…thank god) and then download and install the new version of Ovi maps from the Ovi store. All in all this took about 20 minutes. In order to get this application fully up and running now all he has to do is register an Ovi account and Bob’s Your Uncle. Look forward to hearing how it works. Per the Electric Pig site the new system is pretty awesome.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Wednesday 20 –Friday 22 January.



I will jump in to the store at about 6:40 when I was picked up by Darren to go to Scouts at scouts we did a challenge were we had to using fake money buy items and the complete a task with them. So if you bought a stove an egg and some water you could boil an egg.after that we played dodge ball.




today I did nothing but there is news news (or maybe just gossip) that Brandon went round  Paul and Jules house with Sain for tea they had bangers and mash.



we did some thing different at school today in form time we made paper penguins(but that was it).After school i wanted to get an Xbox mag but could not because I’m not 15 so I got a brain liker and a galaxy bar (yum yum).

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tuesday 19 January



I won’t talk about school because I’ve Written far to much about that (its enough just going there let alone writing about it) but I will write about after school. About the 2 trys I scored and that I took half of the pitch with me or that they say I’m the best forward there oh yea best forwarded there that's the big thing tell your friends best forwarded there (if you think I’ve milked that to much tell me).       

Back to Work Tonight


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New Years Resolutions - or getting off my arse and doing something

Learning to write an Application for the iPhone

In order to do this it is necessary to learn C because iPhone applications are written in Objective C which is a subset of C.

Do this however the first order of business must be to learn how to write well engineered software and to achieve this will necessitated completing the Stanford introduction to programming into course.

Therefore my objectives for 2010 must be as follows:

Watch Stanford Videos and Carry out Stanford work programme.

Learn to write good Java programs.

When confident with Java move onto C and learn to write good C programs.

When confident with C move on to Objective C and learn to write good objective C programs.

Research what applications would be worthwhile writing.

Work out how to Write and Develop such an application.

Involve the Children in this process.

So the first order of business this month will be to read around the subject and arrange a schedule when we can watch the videos. We'll need to do this on Nat's computer because we will need to download programs from Stanford that require windows not Linux.

Monday 18, Tuesday 19 Jan - Not A Lot

Been home both days as there's still no money in my account...this is becoming a fucking joke! I wish I'd had my hip done because at the moment I'm effectively housebound anyway. So, just like Sunday, I watched TV*, read "Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction and slept. Han's sleeping with Deb at present which means I'm sleeping downstairs on the sofa and it's more a case of cat napping rather than getting a proper measure of sleep. I'm so glad I suggested to Deb that she get me the Adrian Mole books for Xmas (she actually bought them for Nat for reasons unknown) because they are absolutely superb. I enjoyed reading the original 2 books 20 years ago but I didn't know that Sue Townsend had written sequels. I aspire to write as well as Adrian does.

I was hoping to attend the "Skeptics in the Pub" meeting this evening but this is  unlikely to happen if the money still isn't hit my account. I'm not going with just a tenner; if I do I can guarantee I'll get asked to go on somewhere and have to decline because of lack of funds. It's embarrassing enough that I never have any money at work; no one bothers, any more, even to ask me if I want to contribute when they order in a take-away.

In awhile, I'm going to cycle up to an ATM at ASDA to check if there's cash in my account yet. I would have borrowed some cash from Han's purse but it seems that she's move it. I feel as if I don't actually live I simple exist between night shifts. I'd be happy to be able to even afford to catch a bus into town and window shop!

More later.....

* I managed to catch up on a few things and watched the remaining episodes of Defying Gravity, such a shame it's been discontinued, so many unanswered questions!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Saturday 16 January-Monday 18 January.



Today I did not go in to town because I didn't get up till 11.  Instead I stayed at home and played on my XBOX and computer and watched TV.

Also the internet was down all day and that made me sad.


What a full day I slept in for a bit but then  in the afternoon I went to Joshes party at laser quest which was awesome for my party I want to go two steps up and paintball.


Today I had school where I had Science,English,RE,French and PE were we played Badminton and at which am getting ok at.We also had a ICT lesson because are form room is the ICT room.

After school I had Kick boxing in which we practised punching. and I’m getting a blister on my right sides big toe because all my socks have holes in.        

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Jan 17 - Happy Birthday Mum and Aunty Tess

My mother (Margaret Gwyneth Jones nee Richards) would have been 89 today and her best friend and my Godmother Aunty Tess (Tess Carter nee Bowyer), would have been 90. I find it difficult to believe that they have been dead for so long. My Mum died in 1995 and Tess died in 1998. Both were nurses and both were heavy smokers throughout their adult lives. My Mother once told me that they started smoking on the recommendation of their fellow nurses who informed them that smoking was the only sure way of removing the smell of corpses from their hands (they were both TB nurses at a time when TB was terminal so they had frequent and close contact with corpse's). This maybe true but, given that in the 1940’s virtually everyone smoked, I tend to doubt it. I’m also fairly sure that my two bald spots, one on each temple, were not due to a nurse incorrectly cutting my hair as a baby, which is what my Mother told me, but rather due to the fact that I was probably delivered by forceps. Why did she lie; was she afraid that I would be traumatised by the idea of a doctor yanking me out of her? Isn’t it strange how our perceptions change as we age, I distinctly remember, as a child, being utterly bewildered by the idea that my parents could and would die? I literally couldn’t imagine what that would be like it was unthinkable. Now that both my parents are dead (my Dad passed away as a result of a massive stroke, in Jan 2001, 6 weeks after Han was born - he managed, in the hospital, to hold her one time) and I’m still surprised about how un-traumatic both experiences were. When I visited my Dad for the first time after the stroke, before I’d even seen him, I was collared by the medical staff and asked to make a decision regarding resuscitation should his heart stop. After being given a run down on his condition and prospects I told them NOT to resuscitate and then calmly went into see the man I’d just sentenced to death.

If they’d lived Mum and Tess would have been genuine little old ladies, she was only 5 feet tall and Tess was a even shorter standing at 4 foot 10 inches in her stocking feet. Perhaps I’ll dig out some old photo albums today so that the kids can see what their grandma looked like; I don’t know if I have any of Tess I’ll have to look.

Tess played a huge role in my life, every summer (during the school holidays) from the age of 5 until I was 14 I stayed with her and her husband Ray in their palatial home in Porthcawl. My childhood years were split into two; 46 weeks were spent on a council estate in Abertysswg

View Larger Map
and for 6 weeks I hobnobbed with the rich and privileged of Porthcawl. Ray Carter, Tess’s husband, was a very successful high ranking chartered accountant with British Steel and wasn’t short of a bob or two and many of his and Tess’s friends, who I spent a lot of my time with, were seriously wealthy in their own rights.

View Larger Map
Tess once offered to pay for me to attend a private boarding school; I wish my parents had said yes I’d have had a totally different life. I’m not stupid, (I have Two Degrees and was half way through an MA when Deb final fell pregnant), but I am incredibly myopic and I think, like Nat, I have dyspraxia
These two things in combination (my eye sight problem was finally diagnosed when I was 10) meant that I had enormous difficulty learning to write and spell, consequently I failed my 11+ and was consigned to a dead end Secondary Modern School rather than a Grammar School. A private school would, probably, have picked up on these matters and I’d have likely turned out totally different as a result. Well it didn’t happen so that’s that, so I haven’t got a posh accent and I don't know how to talk down to Oiks (spelling?).

I did have a fantastic time in Porthcawl, what a difference lifestyle from that of kids today, including my own. At age seven I’d be out of the house by nine and wandering the fun fairs and caravan sites. I’d be off on my own in the open air pool at the Treco Bay caravan park. I had total freedom to wander just as I did back in Abertysswg.

To get back on topic, I was incredibly close to my Mum as a child and doted on her; she in her turn did everything she could to make my childhood a happy one, apart from getting my eyes tested the dipstick. I almost died as a baby, I was born with Pyloric Stenosis and it was touch and go for the first 18 months of my life. This may have accounted, in part, for the closeness of our relationship. We were inseparable and I’m sure my Dad felt completely excluded. My Dad was, in his own way, quite needed and I’m sure this played a huge part in their stormy marriage. In many ways I was never close to my Dad; I’m sure he expected a tough sporty child (much like himself) and instead he ended up with a sickly wimp of a mother’s boy. In fact we only became close after Mum passed away and Nat was born. He doted on Nat and I think he was impressed by how good a relationship Nat and I had. Perhaps this was why I was so angry with him when he went and spoiled everything by dieing; we’d finally connected and then, suddenly, he was gone. I’m so sorry that my Mum didn’t live to see the kids;she would have adored them. I know they’re both little bastards but grandparents wear rose tinted specs when it comes to their grandchildren.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Mum, Happy Birthday Tess wherever you may or may not be!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday 15 January


Today I went to school and had D.T, Math, English and drama but that was cut short because we had to go to forms because they were giving out letters.

I also discovered 2 new online games warfare 1944 and warfare 1917.

After school Hannah had to go to the hospital because she might have appendicitis so they will have to do a blood test.

I’m writing this at the 4-5 hour of them being out. I was left at home to look after the house and it would be rather boring waiting for an indefinite time.

By Nat.       

Friday 15 Jan - Hospital with HANNAH

9:00 PM
Han, Deb and I are sitting in the childrens ward at the Leicester Royal Infirmary waiting for Han to have her bloods done. We have already been here for 3 hours so how much longer is anyone's guess.

Follow Up

It all started when I was awoken, in bed at 5:45, by a call on my mobile from Deb; she told me to get dressed immediately because we had to take Han to hospital right away. I got up and was ready to leave by the time Deb arrived home with Han from the GP's surgery.

Han has complained of stomach pains off and on for the last few months and had previously been diagnosed as suffering from constipation. However over the last few days she has complained that the pain has been getting much worse and she is constantly in tears and seems unable to finish any meals. Doc took her back to the surgery this PM and when she told Doctor Chan that the pain had moved across her body he immediately phoned the Royal and booked in for a consultation with a surgeon this evening.

We checked Nat would be OK at home by himself and then immediately drove to the Royal. We were directed to the children's ward on the 4 th floor and told to wait until a Doctor was available to examine Han. Over the next 6 hours Han was seen by a surgeon who thought that it was unlikely that she had appendicitis but wanted bloods taken to check for any other possible problems. By the time all this had been done it was 11:45 before we could leave and we arrived home at around 12:15. The bloods had turned up nothing but we have been given an open referral to the ward and told to return immediately if things get any worse. So now it's a question of watching and waiting. Lets hope that it is nothing more than a bad case of constipation and that it clears up quickly! It's no fun seeing your daughter constantly in tears and being unable to do anything about it and it's certainly no fun for her!
As always the staff at the Royal were fantastic and caring.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tues 12 Wed 13 Thurs 14 January 2010

At school today we had a day of no lessons but of doing work on Africa in I.C.T  we made animated power points to show daily life in Africa (well in 1 part of Kenya).
In Art we made African masks using paper and paint and things you could stick on and in my case string I took my mask from day of the triffids.
Then in maths we did population density and life expectancy.
When I got home Hannah, Brandon and I played HALO 3 then Zac came over and we played cod 6 4 player cod 6 then I went over to Zac’s and played Gears of War and watched Family guy.

By Nat.

Nat’s Forgotten Posts Wed 13 and Thursday 14 January (I’ve put these under my own entry as it would appear that Nat forgot to actually post these entries.

Wednesday 13 January.

Today I went to school where I had English, Math, I.C.T, Geography, Science and History. I had to write an essay comparing square keep castles with concentric castles –we had 50 minutes to write it and I managed to write 1 1/2 pages.

After school I went to scouts where we played games for 1 hour and prepared for the night hike for 30 minutes (we practiced knots and reading maps).

By Nat.

Thursday 14 January

At school today I had Geography, Science, English, French and ART. In art we have started a new topic called drawing and clay work pattern and texture.

At lunch I played rugby with the school team – the team includes Laurie, Luke, Ollie and me.

After school I came home and wrote this blog.

No Judo tonight because of the snow.

By Nat.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday 11 of January.


Today I went back to school where we had Math,English,French,Science and pe. In pe we did badminton in which I have a lot of room for improvement,… a lot of room.

I’m also joining the school rugby team on Thursday.

I have forgotten to put this in before but these are my English scores from the begining of Brockington.

real age when I took the test - 11 years 11 months

spelling age – 9 years 10 months.

reading age – 15 years 3 months

overall score – 126 with 100 being average.

after school I went kick boxing where Paddy and Connor showed up.   

Saturday 9 Jan



today I went to games workshop at about 11 o’clock there I met Sam and Zac and had a massive planet strike battle fowled by a trip to Maryland chicken when I got back to games workshop I played a apocalypse battle which was sadly (well not for the other team who were losing) cut short by the fact that I went to Joshes birthday dinner when there I of cause ate more than any one else which was a certainty anyway in fact it was as certain as a fat guy having desert when no one else is hungry after that I was part of a sleepover at Joshes and we played little big planet star wars and bad company.

Monday 11 Jan - Disappointment

Nat admitted today that he hasn't written the blog posts that he promised he had done. What to do..the deal was supposed to be; he did these in exchange for going to Games Workshop. So does he get grounded? It depends on what he comes up with as a punishment and whether he now actually writes them. It's up to him! I will ground him if I have to but I don't want to.

Friday, 8 January 2010



the rest

of the holiday seamed to blur into 1 but the events that do stick out are

1geting a wii fit on boxing day

2 I saw up at the vew

3 I saw avatar again.

On Wednesday the 5 I went back to school and as we are no longer in primary we were write back to work but at least we missed re but on Wednesday we were left in the freezing cold and snow so this is now what I think of them just replace tube with bus.ok and that is about it.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas eve/day



Christmas eve

today we went into town on the new park and ride and nearly broke our backs getting on which would not have been nice on the eve of the great day. when in town we went and got tickets for me and dad to see AVATAR

at the cinema du lux this is a film that I will see again. when we got home Santa's elves had delivered early presents in the form of PJ’S.


Christmas day


on the 10 day of Christmas

10 British £s

9 minutes of unwrapping

8 XBOX essentials

7 pots of paint

6 Xbox games

5 DVDs

4 Warhammer templates

3 awesome books

2 Nigal storm callers


1 brilliant Xbox

by Nat

and then I had dinner.





Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Just arrived at work to discover that there are at present 238 calls in queue!!! I cannot remember having this number in queue for over four years. Tonight's going to be a nightmare, the number of jobs awaiting Emergency Assistance is already in excess of 100 and rising. How are the engineers supposed to get to all these people, especially those who live off of the major A roads, many side raods are still impassable. Oh well it's time for me to sign on so here goes nothing!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Snowy Kingsway

xmas notes

Xmas Blog

23/12 Hannah Montanna / Mylie Cyrus

24/12 Town / Apple Store ? Deb wants a Mac ? I want an iPhone and the kids both want iPod Touch?s / Cinema Tickets kicking down the door /Debs present / No Cash / TH Square / Denham?s the Jewellers / CEX stolen goods ? A Christmas Carol 3D + Avatar 3D / Home / Takeaway ? Indian and Chinese / Crap Trivial Pursuits update

25/12 Xmas day ? Presents??????????????????./ Hardly any for me except for box of beers 2 tops and box of quiz cards from Donna. / kids spoilt / Deb more than me / X-Box and Net-Book morning / Dinner /??????????

26/12 Saturday ? Weird day, no many beers for some reason went to the pub AFTER LONG WALK.

27/12 Sunday ? who knows

28/12 Monday Boxing Day ? Off work poorly felt like shit all day.

29/12 Tuesday Work ? incredibly busy ? Secret Santa ? Camra TaNKARD AND AWARDING WINNING BOTTLE OF BEER.

30/12 Wed Work ? incredibly busy

31/12 Thursday New Years Eve ? Unbelievably busy ? worst night ever never stopped after 11.30 4 people short.

1/1/10 Friday New Years Day ? Fin wk 7.30 absolutely knackered, home to bed recall nothing else of day other

2/1/10 Saturday ? Bed? than woken by text advising Rugby on Sunday cancelled. Up all night after everyone else went to bed

3/1/10 Sunday?. Stayed up, Nat went to Games Workshop, in Town, around 11.340am. Deb and Han fetched him at 4pm. Sunday Dinner (pork) about 6pm.

4/1 Monday? Deb off ill, last day of kids holidays, snow all over country except Leicester which seems to be missing the worst of it. Fell asleep this pm trying to watch Dark Knight or was that the previous night?

5/1 Tuesday ? Snow, Nat got bus to school, I walked Han to school with Monty and then took Monty for a walk down the central grass way on the Kingsway. Deb still off poorly. I stayed up with her until 12:30, watched J Kyle and finished Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years. Bed 12:45 plugged in extension and phone listened to podcasts while trying to sleep. Up at 6pm (woken at 3.30 by Nat knocking door because Deb had gone with Monty to fetch Han from School) having listened to 2 episodes of the SGTTU between Nats knock and 6 O?Clock. Suasages beans, toms, fried eggs for tea, it hadn?t snowed enough to be snowed in so had to go to work. Deb took me at 7:40 I packed spare pants jumper walking stick, socks etc in case had to walk home. Made sure Deb had stuff in car in case broke down

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday Jan 10 - Back too Work

Wow, the snow's still here and getting worse, I may be stuck here come morning. Came in at 8 when there were 38 calls in queue but now (8.20) about to start and it's dropped to 20. However in 40 mins all the other call cnetres close and then we begin losiong people at 10, 11 and finally midnight so it could be manic as it was last week. Tons of jobs on EA when I just looked and loads at 12:00 which means not been able to reach engineer as yet. I've a feeling I'm going to be on EA tonight but even so it might be better than being on calls!