Monday, 28 May 2012

Ebooks and Podcasts

I've had an interesting night at work; one of those Internet serendipitous nights when you find all those things you weren't aware you were looking for in the first place. In addition had fun listening to Sandy lambaste the late unlamented Carol.

For whatever reason early on I decided to see if the latest Wild Cards novel Fort Freak was out in paperback yet and if so whether it was also available on Amazon as an eBook for my Kindle. As you will see from the link the paperback has indeed been published but isn't available for the Kindle (in fact only two obscure WC's books are). I decided to see whether Barnes and Noble had it for the Nook (my friend Dianne in Florida has a Nook and downloaded the last novel (Suicide Kings) stripped the DRM and sent it to me where it currently resides as yet unread.

Well, I checked out Barnes and Noble and low and behold indeed FF twas available as ebook for the Nook. From there I started exploring the site (much better layout than Amazon) with a particular emphasis on Steampunk novels and came across a large selection including Steampunk Erotica which included the following wonderful title:

What Can I Say ... Just had to include that!!! Anyway enough of gang banging mechanical men and on with the chronicle.
I returned to Amazon, the US site, and somehow eventually came across a novel entitled Double Share which appeared to be generating sterling reviews and so I "looked inside" Oh damn hooked this is really good stuff; damn gonna have to finally buy books for the Kindle damn and Double Damn ... but wait; what's this about podcasts? It would seem that the novels are based on long running podcast and it's available free on iTunes so I won't, after all,  have to pay  ... Hooray!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Testing Windows Live Writer

Okay maybe i can start keeping the blog again now I’ve loaded live writer. Lets run a few tests:


Fireworks I Think

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meany 40, Bad Tummy Due To Overdose on Painkillers

Had some fun this morning sending Meany (Marina) rude birthday cake pictures via WhatsApp because she was forty today. Card arrived and she sent message to tell Hannah she had lovely hand writing (Hannah wrote card because my handwriting on cards is dreadful … as she pointed out). I came home from work early last night as very upset tummy probably because taken too many painkillers for poorly shoulder. Had intended to stay up so could sleep through the day but shortly after plugging in mp3 player I fell asleep and didn’t wake until Nat woke me when he came downstairs at seven to start his paper round. Went to bed about 9.30 and after WA’s with pervy pals for a while put myself to sleep using Bill Bryson’s Short History. Fantastic book but his voice could replace the sleeping pill industry. Woke at six, still in some pain and tummy still sensitive, ate dinner and came to work. We were asked if it was possible we might start work at 7pm instead of 8pm and work until 6am instead of 7am. General consensus was negative. It would certainly make things more awkward at home if I were to do this. Feed curried broccoli by Hasmukh and as always tasted delicious. FB’d Tweeted and WA’d with friends during night. We were reasonably quiet during the evening and after 12:00 calls virtually stopped. One to One return to work with Leon Re: Last Night sick and will press Occupational Health dept about shoulder problem.