Tuesday, 20 October 1981

Our Wedding Day - Not At All a Traditional Wedding NOT COMPLETE

Deb Job interview am
lads around in the morning
Registry office polkingtons walk
Mispronounced my name
The DeMontford Hotel Reception

Nick, Nick, Andy, Racheal, Mum, Dad, Tess, Ray, Doreen, Alf, Deb, Me - The Whole Party

Tuesday, 13 October 1981

Ian Hamiltons Funeral

This was going to be our wedding day; Deb and I thought it would be amusing to get married on Friday the Thirteenth but my Mother, the superstitious atheist/agnostic, was absolutely against it because of the possibility of it being bad luck...people I'll never understand them. It turned out to be a much different day to the one we had planned. Ian Hamilton, the permanent full time Secretary of the Leicester University Students Union and an absolutely lovely bloke, came into work the previous week complaining of a headache. It got so bad that eventually he went to the Royal Infirmary who checked him over, gave him a paracetamol and sent him home. He collapsed of a brain hemorrhage on the hospital steps and never regained consciousness and died three days later...he was Forty One Years Old!
At approximately One O'clock, on the day we had planned to get married, we instead found ourselves in the University's official church St Nicholas attending Ian's funeral.
 After the service we drove to Saffron Hill Cemetery where Ian was cremated. This was the same crematorium where twenty five years later Duncan Hastie, a friend and colleague at British Gas, was cremated after he committed suicide on 3 Oct 2006.