Wednesday, 25 September 2002

Wednesday 25 Sept - Tuesday 8 Oct - Fuereventura: Our First Visit

Above is a view of where we stayed form Google Earth; we travelled out to Fuereventura on a Time-Share package. This was a cheap holiday in exchange for them trying to sell us a time-share. The time share resort Club Montecastillo  ( Club Montecastillo, situated 8 km. from the international airport, it is a family orientated complex with plenty of activities, either on site or close by. The resort offers garden areas, a large adult's swimming pool as well as a children's pool and play area. Other recreational facilities include a sauna, gym, and Jacuzzi and an on-site bar. There is also a restaurant, hairdressers, snack bar and mini-market. In the neighbouring area you can find a golf course and tennis courts) was very nice with a huge pool and a large bar restaurant directly opposite reception and an entertainment complex a little further down  filled with bars, amusements, restaurants and shops etc.. To get to the complex  you used a set of stairs that ran down parallel to the aforementioned bar; there were a few small shops along this route and one of them sold hand made items like sharks teeth bracelets which were made by the two ageing hippies (scandinavians if I recall correctly) who owned it. A little further down and to the left was a supermarket where we bought fresh pastries, for breakfast, each morning. The resort was on the hill above the town of  Caleta de Fuste (now called Costa Caleta), a purpose built resort town with it's own artificial beach, and it was a moderate walk down this hill to reach the town proper. Caleta de Fuste was a pleasant little place, it was big enough to have a variety of places to eat and so on but small enough to familiarise yourself with quickly.

Secret garden
Tiger singing
Lion sleeps tonight
Nat snorkelling
Ruby and her family
lovely pool side bar
Daddy fart pants
Han photo at bar
Brazilian dancers
submersible tour of harbour
Hippo Land
Coach trip to the south
Nude germans
German town


Thursday, 29 August 2002

Nat Starts at Millfield - His First Day in BIG School

This is where he starts to leave us and begins to grow into his own person; today is Nat's first day in "proper" school. He finished at the nursery at the end of last term and today he becomes a fully fledged member of Millfield School. This first teacher is Miss Burns (Angie to her mates) who is smashing and doesn't look her age at all. She's nearly 40 but looks like a twenty something hippy.

Thursday, 2 May 2002

Wednesday 2 May - Brighton Pier

Today we visited Brighton and walked all the way out to the end of the famous pier.

We were away on another "£10 Sun Holiday" staying in the Portsmouth area. During the visit we travelled to  Portsmouth where we saw the rail link to the Isle of White Ferry, the Ferry and then went into Britain's most the famous navel base and went aboard "HMS Warrior" (the first ever steam fully iron warship that rendered every other warship in the world obsolete overnight -  HMS Warrior, was the first ship of the Royal Navy that deserves the name 'Battleship'. She was launched in 1860 and joined the Channel Squadron in 1861. Compared to HMS Victory her design is quite revolutionary.)

 and "The Victory" (Nelson's Flagship)

and took a boat tour of the harbour. My God...Warships are flipping enormous and I know our carriers are dwarfed by US ones so how big are they. We saw the "The Mary Rose"

(Henry VIII sunken flagship) drying out and Nat bought a ships biscuit,

among other things, from the gift shop. Nat and I also went on a number of the simulator rides where we flew planes and helicopters and the like. We had a fantastic day there and one day, when the kids are older, I'd like to visit again. Portsmouth Navel Base is Gob-Smacking.

I believe, that in the UK, only Milford Haven and Scapa Flow are bigger or deeper natural harbours.