Friday, 20 September 2013

Photos - Google+

Photos - Google+

Deborah and Hannah Strut Their Stuff as They Leave The Town hall

On our way home from the presentation, to Nathaniel, of his Cheif Scout's Platinum Award from the |Lord Mayor of Leicester. Deb and hannah play silly buggers not knowing I'm Vining them for the rest of ETERNITY!!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Test Dragon Dictation

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane that I'm trying to use this app to write a blog last night while one night so busy with barely stopped and most of the calls weren't all that much fun people and had appointments that would get all the colours of systems are down and some reason the company decided to install a completely new operating system right to the beginning of the busiest part of the year that I might be naive but it seems to me it would be better if you planned to introduce something that article when we anyway where was a year and lots and lots of calls so many it was quite weary and I am hardly able to keep my eyes open I'm so tired strangely foolishly I've actually agreed to do all the time on Sunday Monday and Tuesday mainly because we get paid doubletime which means if I stick to my mood and keep all the overtime to myself and could be looking at about four £500
To put in my bank account