Monday, 18 December 2006

Monday 18 December - Work Xmas Dinner at Las Iguanas Belvior Street Leicester

The whole team turned out for a mexican afternoon of munching followed by a later afternoon of imbibing next door at Yates Wine Lodge. Some people, who shall remain nameless, didn't like the food but I thought it was grand. just like ne old non-existant mexican grand used to make. We what remained to frequent Yates was the tough ones and finally when only Ash, Dawn, Carol and Myself remained Dawn's better half Terry picked us up and drove us all home. What an absolutely spiffing chap he was to do such a kind thing...if I ever meet him again I must remember to say thanks, that is, if I haven't turned into Bertie Worcester by then! Before I sayhere are the photos...I must remember to add that Sara paid for everything, what a girl she is, now, here's the photos:

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Birthday Girl - Six Years Old Today

Another year has flown and Han has reached the ripe old age of Six; here are her birthday morning photos.

Friday, 8 December 2006

December 8 – Han’s Birthday Party At Bumpies

Deb booked Bumpies, a kind of Whacky Warehouse place, which is located at the Meridian Pleasure Park in Leicester. It Think it’s since closed which is what seems to happen to most of these businesses. It’s a shame if it has because Han and her friends had a great time there!