Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Han's Xmas Play - The Legend of the Hydra - Starring Han the Hydra

This was the Xmas play at Millfield: Greek Legends - The Hydra. No I don't understand either and I'm a Governor there. Anyway, Han was the Hydra, type casting if ever there was, and appeared regularly on stage as I tried to alternate between videoing it and photographing it. See photos below:

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I'm Finally Discharged From Hospital JUST in Time to see the Annual Millfield School Xmas Concert at St. Crispin Church

I just made it to the annual concert tonight; Deb and the kids were visiting prior to the concert when one of the staff asked why i wasn't going too. It seems I was to be discharged that day but they'd failed to mention it to me. So as quickly as possible we signed the papers got the medication and hobbled off out of there. It took awhile to get to the car and even longer to get into it but eventually we were off and the kids arrived there just in time. The concert was held at the Parish Church of St Crispin Braunstone Town and Thorpe Astley, Braunstone Town

No, I don't know why this embedded album has duplicated itself!