Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bye Bye John and Krishna

Well the day has finally arrived and tonight John and Krishna leave BGS for the last time. They were both made redundant and as a result I’m losing possibly the best manager I’ve ever worked with. Unfortunately the Company doesn’t agree because he’s Too Laid Back. Basically what that meant was we got a gaggle of go getting new managers in who mistake calm competence for lack of get up and go. They haven’t yet worked out that they talk the talk whilst others keep their gobs shut and just walk the walk.
Everybody’s trying to put a brave face on things, especially John (Krishna’s said fuck and coming in later to say goodbye before going clubbing) but everybody is really down and pissed off. Everyone has brought in food; Hannah’s made two lemon drizzle cakes, so we are going to have far more food here than we’ll be able to eat. Even sandy, who’s on holiday, has made some stuff and come in with it.

Well the shift is nearly over, it’s 6.30, and there’s only 30 minutes left before John finishes. Still can’t get my head around it. Still feels unreal. I got everyone together a while ago for some photos and I’ll get everyone’s photos from the meal on Wednesday and sort out a website for them. Then be able to send everyone access so they can see all the photos and john will have a permanent record.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Time To Start Again

After discovering the delights of actually interacting with a lot of people and making new friends on twitter I gradually, last year after the Rapture 21 May, found lees and less time at work to write my blog as I found myself spending more and more time tweeting through the night. The upshot is that I’ve gone from detailing each day of my families life to rarely posting an entry at all. I’ve not even blogged Nat’s skiing Trip, the sponsored walk to the Tigers game or Hannah’s concert last Wed at the DeMontford Hall.

So I’ve resolved to start again and even if I only do a few lines a day I’ve resolved to write something. One problem is that it’s now quiet hard to access blogger at work and I need to write a draft and email them to myself or store them on line so that I can then complete the post at home.
I’m therefore going to need to establish a new pattern of activity in order to opnce again make blogging habitual this behaviour.

I’ll try to break posts down into family and me. “Me” will probably entail much referral to Twitter and WhatsApp as I don’t have a real life only a virtual one. I can’t afford a real life I’m afraid I have children instead. Fami9ly on the other hand will entail real life and will entail detailing how the children spend all my money on having real lives like the one I used to have before the arrived on the scene.

I’m going to try and wrote at least 250 words a day and obviously a lot more when something actually happens. I will link photos and videos as I used to do. I will also attempt to trawl back through this year’s photographs and post those on the appropriate dates with some explanation as to their relevance.