Saturday, 24 September 2011

Thursday 22 September 2011

After school today I had rugby for the school team we played mixed with year 8 and my team won so I am the best the greatest and all round brilliant super awesome and totally more modest then you. Later on I went to Lutterworth College with my family. We looked at the Engineering and science labs as well as this we found out they also had a rugby team.

Even though I don't think I can do Engineering with triple science But that is the price one must pay apart from that though Lutterworth looks great.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

New Resolve. Writing me Blog

Ok whenever I access iGoogle from now on the first thing I have to do is update the blog.
Great morning, I left work only to discover that I had a flat tyre but no bicycle pump. Result long slow walk home push bike which was unbalanced due to large rucksack perched in the front basket.

What's really annoying is that the tyres are filled with green slime and this should prevent, anything, but severe damage, causing the tyre to deflate. No large rip and no slime spots so either I've a faulty valve or some bastard let the tyre down. Now that's not as paranoid as it sounds because a couple of years back there was some C**t doing exactly that. Maybe he/she has returned. I now have a pump and I should I catch someone in the act said pump will find itself lodged somewhere where the sun rarely shines ... if you get my drift? If you don't ... up the Son of a Bitch's Arse (ass for Americans).

I made it home, eventually, just a Hannah was leaving, the house, with her bike, as she starts her first bicycle proficiency scheme today.  Now for reasons I can't discern I decided that, before going to bed, I dig out some old photos and post them on Twitter for a laugh.  I think I'd mentioned them to someone and said that one day I’d post them.  Had got into a silly exchange with Lil_TweetyPie about watching TV programme Benidorm and we ended up using Benidorm as a euphemism for being gay. By this time Drakestone hotel had also joined this farcical conversation so I decided to upload my Fortnum and Masons Nude dollie picture and claim it was a picture taken when I first became Benidorm. This was accompanied by my SU handbook picture which is possibly the only professional photo I've ever had taken.

Pottered about a bit. Eventually went to bed after receiving another call mid morning from there bank despite my telling them yesterday that I work nights I sleep in the day and not to call until after 3:30 PM. don’t these people make notes. They want my custom and think they'll get it be repeatedly waking me (OK I wasn't yet in bed but I could have been and once you're woken get back to sleep is a nightmare). What are the odds they do it again tomorrow.

Spoke to a few more peeps on the old twitter scope before ascending the stairs to Bedfordshire where I made a quick call to someone who was a little down before drifting off.

Up at 5:00 QUICK MEAL , Nat cooked his signature dish Spaghetti coronary then D announced car broken so I jumped on bollixed bike for trip to ASDA to get bread and milk for Kids pack ups tomorrow. Oh what an exciting life I does leads.

Now at works writing this griping narrative.  

No God damn you can’t detonate that bomb 1,000’s of innocent Christians will die. Why should I care Mr bummed when I am an evil atheist …to be continued … if the fucking bomb doesn’t go off in which case all bets is off mate’s.

Did I mention, no I didn’t, that I pulled a muscle in my back pushing that sodding bike home and now it’s hurting … A LOT! Cheers chums xxx

Thursday 15 September 2011

Today I went to Leicester University with school to do DNA related things. We looked at dolly the sheep crime scenes as well as gm and other awesome things. we started by doing a larger version of cloning a sheep with tubs and ping pong balls instead of cells and neculaces then we looked at gm as well as doing some DNA sampling we then looked a fly's and bananas DNA. after lunch we proceed to look at crime scenes as well as elephants who unique you are and making DNA bracelets:)

Thursday 15 September 2011

Today I went to Leicester university with school.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Saturday 10 September 2011

Today I went Paint balling I was taken there by Jacobs dad as my mum could not. As it was Zak's birthday I gave him a card with money in we had 12 games where I got through 450 paint balls which cost a lot but not as bad as it could have been or as it was for the run and gunners who did not snipe like me. We got padding and other stuff and had sandviches for lunch as well as this I got awesome gloves.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday with some ok lessons and some shit ones the only difference being we had a maths test today where I was best in the class. When I got back from school Brandon came round and we went on MW2 which was good nothing else happened today.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

It’s been weeks since last I posted anything on this poor forgotten blog. I’ve been writing but all of it has been tweets and poor old bloggy has been forgotten. Oh well there’ll be a missing mystery period that’ll confuse my descendants if they ever read this but it’s time to get back in harness. Got a shitty stick handed to me last night by Hasmukh. Dawn is facing a stage four attendance/sickness/absence hearing this coming Friday and H tells me that because she’s not in the union, he’s union rep, and because he’s acted as her manager, in absence of JDM, he can’t represent her. So muggins here got asked if he would stand in. Spoke with dawn and got all her paper work (dating back to 2003) and to tell the truth it’s not good. She’s had a hell of a lot of absence and reading the notes from her manager who’s instigated this process it sounds as if he’s got it in for her. There are ways of writing these things and his report couldn’t be more negative. I used to like Barry (her manager) but more and more he’s turning into a total arsehole. I managed to get JKDM off the hook last Xmas when he was suspended accused of threatening another member of staff (total bollocks the accuser been demoted since) and this seems to make people think I can work miracles. Cheesus I ain’t and this is gonna be a shitter. I’ve got until Friday evening to come up with plausible reasons as to why her employment shouldn’t be terminated. With the added problem of Barry obviously having the knives out this isn’t going to be the cake walk JDM’s problem turned out to be! I hate it when people rely on me if I wanted responsibility I go for promotion.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday 12 September 2011

Today I went to school which was not that fun at all seen as we had badminton in PE:( As well as other ok leasons like Geography and History in history today one idiot said did they use guns in WW1 an then another remtard asked if WW1 was the one with Hitler in.. When I got home Minecraft 1.8 should have been out but it was not:(

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Today at Scouts we did Scout stuff. Like playing games like doge ball which turns very violent  which is just the way I like games. We went and did badge work in the back room when an explorer person turned up and got all the 14 ad nearly 14 and talked about explorers and the stuff you do like sail on a 300 grand boat for a week end on the east coast or camp in the snow or climb or go curling or do other awesome stuff.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Today I had GCSE course work to do. We had tech today where we have started doing our tech GCSE even though it is year 9 we have started the first piece of wok we do which is a mind map worth 6 marks or 2% of the GCSE as we do 20% in year 9 with a total of 61 marks. We did this for a whole 100 minutes but the good news is we chose what we want to do after  we have finished the course work which will be in February. That was about it for today.

Monday 5 September 2011

Today I went to Fred's house with Brandon after school. When we had walked all the way there we went on Minecraft and built and also blew up some TNT. We did this for several hours though it seamed like minutes I just made a lot of craters mu ha ha. then we went down stairs for dinner which was chilly this is the second time I have had chilly at Fred's house it like Brandon and his mushy peas. We then had Jammy dodgers and a jubbly which is a triangular ice poll

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday 2 September 2011

today was my 2 day as a year 9.I had my first drama lesson with miss grey for the first time since year 7. After school I went on everybody edits with Fred and we Skyped for 5 solid hours where not obsessive at all. We did a complete renovation and overhaul of our world the tag galaxy. This involved adding to certain areas taking away from others and in some cases completely wiping an area and remaking it.