Saturday, 9 December 2000

Friday 8 - Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 December 2000 – The Birth of The Han Monster

Friday - waiting
Just as with Nat and Katie we arrived at the Royal Infirmary maternity wing at 8:00 am and settled in for a long day. Han was not due for another two weeks but because of what had happened to Katie (she died two weeks before she was due to be born) had decided to induce the birth early. Deb and I were escorted to a private room and she was given the drugs and told to let nature take it's course.

Saturday 03:40 AM - Born

Sunday Afternoon - Home

Monday, 18 September 2000

September 18-23 2000 – Pendine Sands, Katie's Anniversary and the Last Time we saw Granddad Bill

Pendine Sands Holiday Park
We came to stay on a Sun Newspaper £10 break; a week in a caravan in beautiful Pembroke on the record breaking Pendine Sands. Deb was six months pregnant with Han and Nat was almost Three years old. It was an absolutely beautiful place. The caravan was exactly what one would expect and not quite as up market as the ones displayed in on the 2010 website. Nothing to moan about though; warm and dry what more could you want.
Club house and Nat winning a dancing prize
nat dancing
nat playing in the sand on Saundersfoot beach
Folly Farm
Nat and i falling over on seaweed and getting our trousers filthy and soaked
St Fagans Museum
St David's Cathedral
Remembering katie’s birthday on the way home
Seeing my dad for the last time before his stroke
Home to Leicester