Monday, 29 February 2016

Today's Photo

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Monday, 22 February 2016

Comedy Festival Ends

Yesterday was the last day of Leicester comedy festival of 2016 I went to the Kayal for the all dayer but unfortunately missed the first couple of showd because I was in Redditch at Deb's dad's sorting out this is phone (pain in the ass setting up giffgaff but he now seems really happy to have something to play with um so that's good) anyway got back home went to the Kayal first act very sad... comedian who won the best comedian in Leicester in about 2003 but got serious mental health issues and to be quite honest show was more about reminiscing about mental health and while it was funny in parts of want comedy.  Final show was cancelled which means they were only 2 more shows but these were fantastic first was an American comedian (Erich Mcelroy) who gave us a funny lecture on American politics and the current presidential race after this was (Milo McCabe) playing an amazingly mad upper class mental person in a red smoking jacket laughed myself stupid will upload the video for that at some point now I just need to let us furnish and see how much of this I need to correct and how much voice recognition has actually been recognised.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Leicester Comedy Festival Day 2

Tonight again I attended two events that were part of the 2016 Leicester Comedy Festival... the first was at the Criterion pub &  the second was at The Cookie.  The second act was Andrew Lawrence whilst the first act was appalling really really bad Pun Based work in progress that really really really needs a lot more work if it's to make any progress!

Andrew Lawrence on the other hand was an absolute delight and his act was totally different to his normal material and I understand now why it was that the show was entitled
Andrew Lawrence Uncensored

I hadn't realised he had been in so much trouble this year due, in the main, to a number of "politically incorrect" Tweets and Facebook posts that held him up to derision by the rest of a political correct leftwing bbc comedy establishment (his description)
Oh my god he didnt pull any punches did he hit back big time it was fantastic both funny and very controversial and at times some of the audience was very very uncomfortable not being sure exactly where he was going to go. Personally I loved it I was in tears I and certainly much of the stuff he said had needed saying for a while. Nathaniel would have loved it lambasting left wing anti-racist pro-feminist self haters who all, apparently,  hate Nat and white boys like him.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Today's Photo

Leicester Comedy Festival Day 1 Wed 3 Feb 2016

Brew Dog didn't have a beer and the gents toilets were out of order too!
Two Comedians
Jack Campbell (Cambridge DeMontford Uni)
Ben Van Derek Velde (Jewish Geordie)
Left early to catch bus as comedian's time overran. Probably could have stayed until the end. Came home as a bus wanker.

Suicide Squad Trailer 2016

Monday, 1 February 2016

Blog 1 Feb 2016

Blog Monday 1 Feb

Oh let joy be unbound as we have just been advised, at the beginning of the shift, that for the month of February we are no longer able to access social media on our phones or other devices. No I’ve no idea why anyone thinks this is a good idea either. It means won’t be able to chat with either Nicole (when working nights) on Twitter DM nor Diane on WhatsApp. That’s going to make me such a happy bunny indeed. Good thing I’ve got into reading my Nook most of the night as this would now appear to be my only distraction other than listening to either music or podcasts via my iPod. Of course I could I could talk to people instead but I have to admit I’ve no great desire to do so. The icing on cake is that additionally from tonight we are also supposed to try to generate sales leads which undoubtedly will be as much fun as it sounds.

The TV continues to be full of little else than the death of Terry Wogan ... so far 2016 is turning out to be one hell of a year for aging celebrities with five gone already ... Leamy from Motorhead (no idea never listened to them) plus David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Frank Finlay and Terry Wogan all in January.  I’m afraid that whenever a celeb passes away and everyone eulogises them and says what a totally top chap they were all that comes to mind is the “Not The Nine O’clock News” sketch where two politicians are slagging the heck out of each other until one collapses and dies, in the studio, where upon the other immediately ceases his vicious diatribe and instead begins to praise him ending by telling us that the deceased will be sorely missed a great parliamentary and a close personal friend. Perhaps I’m just a touch too cynical; I’ve yet to leave a bouquet of flowers outside as dead celebrity’s house (although in Frank Finlay’s case perhaps a Bouquet of Barbed Wire might actually be amazingly appropriate).

Seems Nat and the Squad had a great time in London over the weekend, they stayed in Camden Town, the hotel, he tells me,  was situated right next to Camden Lock, and smack bang in the middle of all the late night action; he has returned in possession of both a rather radical ray gun and a equally cool bowler hat. No chance to ask much this evening as he was busy consoling Shannon who, apparently, was in tears over some mock exam they sat this PM. Less Crying More Trying ... Both of You!!!

Don’t know how Hannah’s night, last night, at Nando’s went as not had an opportunity to ask.

What I would dearly like to write next....

Just checked lotto ticket and it would appear I’ve won £20 million so I’m fcuking off home now!!! I Wish!!!


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