Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday 30 July 2011

Today Fred came round and we played on the Xbox. We went online with Jacob and Josh and played on the new Zombie map Shangra La which came out on Tuesday. The map consists of about 8 large rooms and sevarel tunnels and outside spaces. We did the easter egg which takes 13 steps and we only managed to do 6 or 7 on our best go but when we our better and not having to baby stir Fred we will hopefully complete the easter egg and get an 80 gamer score achievement. After playing for several hours Fred and I went to the fish and chip shop where I got Donner meat and chips while Fred got a sausage and chips. After a while longer of gaming We took Fred home back to his nice posh house (gelous voice) in Naburge.


Learning English 1

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Today I went to Lutterworth with School and by Lutterworth I mean the school in Lutterworth. It is a very big school a  very very big school in fact it is mahosive and very very very big. First we went to an assembly and put in tauter groups which were just for 10 minuets at the begging of the day where you learnt about Lutterworth. Then I had triple science where they went over the different science courses I am taking triple science fast track, then we did an experiment to classify chocolate. After that we had break where I had a sausage beget which cost £1 with sauce which should cost 10p extra but because of my dashing good looks it was free with my beget I had a bottle of coke also £1. Next I had ICT where we used a piece of soft ware called audacity to turn a scene from the dark knight into something else interlayer. Afterwards we had lunch and had a chess burger and chicken burger both £1 as well as a lovely fizzy juice drink which cost 80p. Later on I had Engerniering where we had to build a bridge that span the gap bet wen to tables and ours was successful. After that we went back to Brockington.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Draft - Nat's Blogged Not!

Nat’s lying said he’d done blogs but not for a whole week
I absolutely furious / nat stupid enough to answer back / shit hits fan / bye PC/xbox
No Hug
Xbox PC cables
Hannah Sports day
No Speaking
I’m so angry that he’s lied after we’ve always trusted him
Need to apologise to Hannah re lying
Left for work without goodbye
Given back x box cable for tonight to allow download some special update
One of new Mgns at work introduces herself to JDM just JDM
Is it a full moon dickhead callers

I’d checked on the blog last night to see that a post had posted and to try to ascertain why Han’s pictures wouldn’t embed when I discovered Nat had only done two blog posts in the last week and that the previous weeks were equally bare of content.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Today my dad took my Xbox and PC away from me for not doing my blogs. When I went to school I still was not told the lessons we are going tomorrow which is a bit stupid to only tell us on the day. We played softball in PE and I was one of the captains and I led my team to a glorious Victory with the scores being 4 to 3.

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of June 2011

Today I went in to town with Zak after doing my paper round.
We got the bus to town it cost £1.60 which is 20p more than it was a few months ago.
While we where eating Brandon came and to meet us in Maryland Chicken.
On the way to Highcross we saw a millatery parade.
when we got into the Highcross we went to ameracandy which sells american sweets drinks and cereal,
I bought a can of mounin dew and a cookies and cream Hershey bar.
when we went back to GW I bought a new space wolves book called the battle of the Fang.
When we got back to my house we asked if we could have a sleep over and we could.
first we played a game of yogio then we watched family guy american dad and south park the later two of which Brandon had not seen.


When we got up we played on the Xbox for awhile then we went to the HSBC fun day where adults took part in its a knock out themed challenges.
There was a bounce slaide which was great fun but sadly I burnt my hand the first time I went on it and it hurt :( But apart from that it was a great day.

Friday 24 June 2011

After school Hannah josh and I went running with sue in western park. We went a mile in 20 minutes using a mixture of running walking and jogging.  Our next meeting is on Tuesday, Sue hopes that we will be able to run 2 miles in 5 weeks and hopes to enter us in a race later in the year.  My knee hurt like bugger- but no pain no gain. Later on Hannah went to Millfields school disco.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Today I had scouts where we went outside and played Quick cricket as well as man hunt and races. When we got in side we had to write rules  - my groups ranged from keep your hands and feet to your self all the way to no using cheesy pick up lines and to use good grammar.

Someone suggested no bad language which would be a hard rule for Jonathan to abide by as he loves to swear.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Nat poorly
Rambo 4
Twitter Spam
Resident Evil 3
Hannah at Fosse Park with Shantelle
Hot Ride IN

Twelfth Night Boat to Cairo

Johnny B Goodfellow  #shakespearerock

As U2 Like It  #shakespearerock

 To Bee Gee Or Not To Bee Gee #shakespearerock



Let Joy Be Unconfined My Colleagues’ Wife has over cooked so for 1st time in ages I’ve just had unexpected & free Indian Veggie feast Yummy

@lunarchic licks lips, burns tongue but leans back with satisfying feeling of fullness & contentment & ponders; time for coffee and bickies?

@Monicks The Major Questions Monkeys Ask: No.1 …"If evolution was true and we all really did evolve; then why are there still creationists"?

@Medusa_Rantz  Not sure peachy is the right expression? As someone with a Law Degree of his very own the correct term is, I recall, BUGGER!

@CharlesBivona  Nicest thing: Don't knock my door on a Sunday 2 tell me Jesus loves me because my MASSive Sunday Lunch is my act of worship!

I still cannot believe that you continue to remain un-beatified. Truly you are an inspiration to those too hungry to eat chocolate

Snort, Snort, Snort, Snort, Snort. #5lines relieves the languish #lqw

Monday 27 June 2011

Today I stayed of school because I was suffering from heat exhaustion and lack of sleep. The first thing I did was put on my PJ,s then I read my new Warhammer book Battle of the Fang (which is awesome) Then I watched the Jeremy Kyle show with my dad and we saw lots of mother f-ing CHAVS in fact there where more chavs then you could shake a stick at (hopefully it would be a pointy stick and it would be a stabbing motion not a shacking motion. After that I watch Rambo 4, Resident evil, star dust and Underworld. Then my mum and sister got home and I could not watch any more films:(

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Draft

3 teens asleep in lounge
why me make bacon sarnies
and tea
teasing monty
a cry for help to mysickbones
MSB to the rescue
A prick for Mabus
filming Btandon's toture
The Last Podcaster Standing
I'm a Hoe
Plantig Sweetcorn
God it's Hot today soaking hat and sweaty us
OMG Hannah's Disco photos
How old does she look
lovely cider
Australia agrees
To Bed
HSBC Family Day no me
Zak sees me nude as I got to bathroom
He's in shook
Have we ADOPTED?
To Work
OMG still hot
Air Conditioning F**ked
We've all got head aches
Desert Island Twiiter
Where is everyone?
Oh Yes it's Monday where they I imagine.
My Heads killing me Plus Stiff neck
Where RU Heathern Chick?

A Wee Rant

What a night what am I to do. There’s something seriously amiss with the servers here because twitter, and much else, is running at a speed I’d have only anticipated were I still accessing the glorious Inter-Web via a 56K dial up modem. Additionally, when I am finally able to tweet a tweet bloody Twitter insists on telling me, repeatedly, that I’ve already sent it…and then sends it. It’s at times like this that I’m glad I’m bald (not quite Ladies don’t panic) because otherwise I’d be tearing, what remained, violent  away from me pate. It’s a pain in the proverbial rear end and I’m at a loss to understand how I’ve managed to get this far into this rant without yet resorting to profanity but that’s about to end…Fuck, Fuck and Fuck! Well I’ll give it one more try but if this persists it’s back to reading Rubber Donkey Molesters Monthly for moi.
Oh joyous irony it would appear that my internet speed has just increased dramatically at roughly the same time as those I was chatting with have all logged off. Surely doth my cup runneth over but no they’re still there oh let joy be unbound and let the Daleks reconcile with the Doctor and live happily ever after.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Disco Hannah

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="400" height="267" flashvars="" pluginspage=""></embed>

OMG 10 going on 20!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Today I took part in the field events for sports day I did the shot put. I did dreadfully to say the least and it was the same a with so many other sport related competitions I do relay well in PE but the minuet it turns into a competition I forget every thing and do shockingly badly :( When I got home Brandon came round and we played on the Xbox and the computer. Later we watch Futarama and the Simpson's with my parents.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day - Photos to Do

What a day; home about 7:30 but no kids up to greet me for Father’s Day, which meant that, at least,  I  got the chance to grab a cold beer and relax before being assaulted by Hannah’s demands to open this or that  present first…that was to come but not for a little while. She would, I think, having been waiting ready to pounce if she Nat and Deb hadn’t been up very late waiting for the vet to call to say how Monty’s operation had gone (fine as it happens…how nice of you to ask).

Above the fire place on the mantle there was a fine array of pressies far more than I can ever previously recall receiving. I forgot to take a photo of them in their pristine unwrapped state so here’s a reconstruction after they had been unwrapped.

There were two clear themes as you can see;

  1. a selection of fine literature, at least fine so far as I’m concerned and as they were purchased for me then my concern is the only concern to be concerned about…if you take my point;
  2. And a selection of speciality beers and cider i.e. not the usual cheap, 96 pence for four, ASDA shit which is usually all I can afford.

As predicted the sleepers finally awoke and while the semi comatosed Nat took his own sweet time to emerge from his sleep induced state the contrastingly invigorated Hannah bounded down the stairs and launched into the very verbal verbosity predicted a little earlier on this very page.

The cards and presents were wonderful and the only thing that somewhat spoilt the morning was the constant bickering between Hannah and Nat and Nat’s increasingly violent responses as this went on. While he acknowledges, and is inordinately proud of, the fact that he is substantially stronger than most boys his age he somehow fails, deliberately I suspect, to make the connection that this means he must learn to act with greater restraint and not whack his 10 year old sister as hard as he does his thirteen year old” male” mates.

While I was berating the kids for this silly behaviour, during which Nat got the hump and stormed off to his room, Deb contacted the vet’s practice to find out what time we could go and visit Monty. They advised about 11:00 AM so I got on to twitter for 10 and uploaded the pictures I’d taken of my presents while the kids got dressed in their spectacularly slow fashion. I swear there are sloths (which in comparison to my two exhibit levels of hyperactivity normally only in those who suffer with ADHS and indulge in a super heavy mega-strength crystal-meth habit) who would be embarrassed to know them!

Eventually with the kids dressed and partially washed, they are both severely allergic to soap and water, we piled into the car and headed off to the vets. We arrived about 15 minutes early and settled down to wait. Eventually we were taken through to see our happier but exhausted mutt. Poor old Mont was showing signs of his ordeal and only managed a few half hearted wags when he saw us. We spent about 10 minutes with him before leaving to let him sleep off his surgical adventures.

Nat wanted to go to Argos in order to buy/redeem some X-box voucher that’ll allow him to purchase on line via the box various additions to his existing games. As we were nearly to the Beaumont Leys shopping centre than we were to Fosse Park we decided it would be quicker to go there so that I could eventually get home and go to bed. I hate to sound like a snob but this was a bit of an excursion into chav land. The people who shop there are from the same class as the people Jeremy Kyle recruits his guests from. We were soon surrounded by track suited persons who had never done a days sport in their lives and most of who were, at the very least, borderline obese. Bluntly put we were in thick fat fucker land.
After Argos we took a quick trip into the shopping centre where I acquired a Fredrick Forsyth novel I’d not read before (note to self: I owe Nat £3.00) and got the chance to see a bit of 3D TV action. Must say I was impressed but it’s galling to know that they’ve generally only on sale in the shops frequented but the professionally unemployed. Families like mine who work can’t think about buying these items.

We were home a little while after this and Deb dropped off Nat and I before taking Hannah to the shops to return her first bra and replace it with a bigger one (she bought it yesterday and it was too tight). Nat immediately disappeared to his bedroom to use his voucher thingy and I uploaded a few photos of Fathers day and Monty to TwitPic. I soon receive a number of tweets concerning Monty and peoples reactions to the good news that he’d come through his Op. Good tweepeople these tweeters I begin to understand why I like them so much. You never hear those Jeremy Kyle fuckwits saying you “Dissed” me on Twitter no it’s always Face Book where the morons hang out. Shortly afterward I went to bed and slept the sleep of the just curled up in the arms of Morpheus.
Up at six, roast pork for dinner (Yum) and off to work. Never gotr to see Hannah’s Father’s day dance but promised I’d watch it tomorrow.
There Endeth the Father’s Day Blog…well apart from these totally unnecessary sentences which have been written sorely for the purpose of taking this entry to and beyond the thousand word barrier, a barrier that many strive to break but few do. A barrier I myself once thought to be insurmountable but one which I now regularly smash. I laught in YOUR FACE one thousand word barrier you are nothing and I…I am everything I encompass the all that is the quantum reality of the human spirit (hat tip to Deepak Chopra for this nonsensical bollocks) I transcend you and in doing so glorify the human spirit. As the New Gods of Kirby’s Fourth World sort to pass through the barrier that was the source so I too do to you. TOLD YOU! (1070)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Monty, Twitter 500+, Vet, Work Operation for Monty

Monty poorly

Monty Operation

Sock and Tissues

5 inch intestine gone

500+ followers twitter


new girl

QA abolished what about Ash

The falnge muppet tweets

Friday, 17 June 2011

Draft : Poorly Monty and A Trip Down Stairs, TYhe Tights To The Right

Up all night Monty
Very subdued
Keeps trying to poo
sick on stairs
wet stair
bare feet
fall down
carpet burn and bruise right thigh
take night's holiday

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

School - Governors - Interviewing kids Re: Safety

there 8:50
vi 915
muslim scholar sun round earth
interviewing yr five/six A
Interviewing yr 5/6 B
J Kyle & embarrassing bodies
Interviewing yr 3
crying boy
see Vi next Wed
See Aaron next Wed

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Draft - Twitter

twitter 480 followers
still not smoked
4 beers untouched

Monday 13 June 2011

Today I went to a chief Scout gold award meeting. We practised cooking on trangias
That is a trangia and that all fits into...

My group coked Chines flavour rice I don't know who it was Chines flavour did they put people from China in it. We did this after looking at many different ways to cook food on a hike including Gas and solid fuel cookers (only £2 in ASDA mum). Well on to the rice and how it tasted the verdict disgusting I would have much rather had the Pasta.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Governors - Safety meeting - Draft

Vi and I
 To write up


Nat Queens scouts

Girls On Film...The Trampoline

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="400" height="267" flashvars="" pluginspage=""></embed>

Question to Australia

I'd be fascinated to know if (all / some / none of) the contributors at Think Inc believe that their that repeated calls for change (to stave off the numerous looming disasters facing the Human Race in the coming Century), will actually bring about change or will Humanity procrastinate and continue to deny these realities until such time as they begin to cause catastrophic and undeniable effects?

I’m especially interested in how they think the developed Western, and rapidly emerging, BRIC economies, will react. The poor after all have little choice; for them it’s simply case of adapt or die and they have a much smaller stake in maintaining the status quo anyway. What will the rich countries do? How will they be persuaded of the impossibility of perpetual economic growth and the dire need for them to rain in their increasingly unsustainable lifestyles?

I’m pessimistic, I’m afraid, and becoming more and more convinced, by the day, that it’s going to take mega deaths before the reality of resource scarcity sinks into the collective consciousness.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday 12 June 2011

Today I got up at 8:30 and went on the XBOX and played some halo wars campaign which was pretty good. Then I went on Black Opp's Zombies with Zak and Josh then with Zak and Jacob but before this I played with some random people on line, we did quite well getting to round 17 and we opened up every door on the map:)
After that when Jacob and Zak went off line I played Halo 2 campaign which was so fun it made me relay happy face. Then I went on halo 3 playing the last 2 missions and did not die once even though I played on legendary. I can't wait till Halo 4!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sat/Sun Confusion

Today was Saturday but all day long, except of course when I was asleep, I though it was Sunday because the evening before JDM had said that it felt like it was a Saturday when in fact it was Friday. For reasons unknown this stuck in my mind screwed me brain. It’s hard enough as it is remembering what day it is when you work nights and are four on and four off as you’re always working different days as it is. Yes we are on an 8 week cycle but that doesn’t help day to day.
 Today I did my 10,000th tweet and to celebrate (/) the three tweets leading to it and including it were made up of a number of silly photos purporting to be of me. I must have picked a bad time to tweet these as they didn’t engender the reaction I’d hoped for. Oh well the few who did see them thought they were funny.
We’d received a replacement for the defective 8GB Micro HCSD card for my old Nokia N82 the Deb now uses. The previous card had demanded a password to unlock and was, as such, unusable. Well the replacement arrived yesterday and when I tried it in her phone low and behold it also wanted a password…FUCK. So this card to will soon be winging it’s way back to the supplier with a note suggesting they test this whole batch before dispatching anymore. We’ll get a refund and come payday I’ll get a San Disc card because you can rely on those to work first time (will I end up eating my words?).
Been another Twittering night and I seem to have been speaking almost exclusive to The Ladies; it’s not my sex appeal so it must be my humour…I hope.
Hannah it seems spent the day dressing  up and making up trying to decide what she’s wearing to the school disco next week! When I saw her so was plastrered in make up…God only knows what she’ll be like in a few years!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Hooked on Tweeting

OMG I’m getting worse than Nat when it comes to keeping a blog. I do have an excuse and it is that the time I was spending writing this blog is now spent trying to be the cleverest person on Twitter.
It’s addictive worse than any drug. I mean I stopped smoking last week. Just, like that, smoked last one in the pack and haven’t bought any since (mind you as I’ve no money I would have had to have stolen them but that’s beside the point) no withdrawal symptoms not bouts of irritability (no more than usual anyway) or anything else. At the same time I’ve drunk virtually no alcohol and have been content to leave the few beers I do actually have in the fridge “Chillin Man”.
So based on the foregoing it seems I don’t have any serious problems when it comes to drug withdrawal but Twitter is another matter.

Since the run up to the #Rapture on 21 May when I started tweeting like a loon and gathering an audience I’ve been barely away from it. Take this last evening; I’ve had it on all night and have been quiet annoyed when work has interfered with tweeting. I was tweeting this A M from 08:30 until mid-day and similarly the previous days.
One of the problems is that I’ve made contacts in virtually every one of the World’s time zones so no matter when I go on line there’s invariably one or more persons I follow merrily tweeting away.
I f this condition gets any worse I’ll soon not remember where on the inter-web the porn is kept. I’d hate to lose track of that, because what with pornography being such a tiny part of the net as a whole I’d be at risk of never seeing a naked booby (I thought it was Boobie but not according to the spell checker, blessed be it’s wholly game) again!

I have come to the conclusion based on my in depth research on Twitter that Canadians are the most intelligent (of those nations that speak English as a first language) people in the World, closely followed by Australians. I’m not sure why the Aussies are at number two but I’m sure Canadians just try harder so that people don’t mistake them for Yanks. Now I’m not having a go at Yanks because the educated intelligent ones are amongst the most educated and intelligent people in the World. It’s the 99.9999% I have an issue with; the ones who believe in the virtue of stupidity and blond faith (that should have read blind but somehow blond fits better). The gullible credulous ones who need bigoted charlatans to do their thinking for them…those are the ones utterly I despise. Now, that’s such a shame because as individuals, I soon discovered on a visit to the Us, they are some of the most pleasant people you could ever wish to meet!!! Knock Knock! Who’s there? Apple. Apple who? Apple, the dyslexic orange!!! (501 words)

Friday 10 June 2011

Today Brandon and Rumit came (TEE HEE) round and we went to the Millfield school fate which was quite good I saw my old teachers played on the WII ate some brownies and went on the bounce castle with Brandon, Rumit, Sam and a year 7 from Brockingtub, on the bounce castle we jumped obviously, front flipped and in some cases back flipped as well as this I was the first person to do something new which was to dolphin dive like in Black OPP's. After going on the bounce castle I bought the last of the schools packets of cookies at 11 for 20p they went big packets only lunch box sized ones. Afterwards Brandon and Rumit came round and while Brandon played Minecraft Rumit and I played Halo and AC brotherhood which Rumit has now borrowed.

Today Draft

Currently at work, doing manuals so little to do. Been on Twitter but not much happening hashtag wise. been added to My Vogan Poetry's hashtag lists.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


back to work today
twitter till 2pm
meal booked

Thursday 9 June 2011

Today nothing at all happened at school and nothing happened on the way home ether or to school so I will write about after school. I made dinner today which was spaghetti carbonara (yes 2 days in a row) with chicken in it delicious. I will now go through what I did First I cut the chicken and bacon into bits and put the pasta in boiling water. Then I put 3 table spoons of olive oil into a frying pan and and cooked the chicken and bacon. 3 minuets later I added garlic then after another min double cream and seasoning. It was delicious:)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday 8 June 2011

After school today I had scouts where we cooked food on a budget of £1 a head and as we have 5 people in our patrol we had £5 to spend on food. Once we had sent one person of to get the food we played hot rice then got the tables out and prepared to cook. When the person who had been sent to gather supplies returned we where gob smacked why is this you might ask the answer is that we had told him to get Bacon, pasta and tin tomato's but instead he returned with bread sticks, ham, mushroom soup, Water cress, 2 tins of rice pudding and pasta which  was a completely different list too what we had asked him to get and even more amazing was that he had original tried to get Gammon stake and Cobs. When he got back we started to cook the pasta (this was of cause after several minuits of stunned silence where we had looks of ether disbelief or what the fuck is this) then browned the ham and cooked the soup which we then put crushed bread sticks and water cress in. Then after finishing we ate the rice pudding cold.


Camera to akllotment
Nat and Hannah at scouts
Watched Injustice good

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Today I cycled to school after I went on my paper round. At school I was given a letter for a trip to Lutterworth for a DT/Science thingey which involves using magnets to levitate things and crashing cars and then making them safer to protect the people inside. After that literally nothing happened at all in the slightest in fact so little happened that there is nothing to write about except the fact it chucked it down during P.E and we all got soaked:(  Then I came home and watched RED VS BLUE and found out about halo 4 which looks awesome and that they are making a trilogy of halo games:)

Draft Notes for fr3 - tue 7

Twitter followers increasing daily
New camera Friday need card - is it DSLR - no they cost £300+ but nice zoom
New Camera Photos
No cash Missed River Festival sat sun
Hannah Sleep Over Shantelle's Dad Sat Night
Allotment - sat sun deb / mon deb hannah me - photos
Nat Cubs Help Monday
Donna Letter
Deb Tel Number work phillipines
Mother & Daughter on thismaorning WTF wag.


data card arrives
forgot camera
where were Nat and Hannah

How to be a Broadcaster

Lest We Forget What ???????

Monday, 6 June 2011


Home Alone
Kids back to school
No Money
Not Smoked 4 3 money
No Beer
Allotment Deb & Me
Weeding me
Planting Deb
Hannah Helpiing
Nat helping at Cubs

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Camera Playing still no data card
Still no micro HCSD card for n82 either

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hannah Sleep Over tonight at Shantelles Dad's or was it the night B4 need to check
Nat Town
Me Twitter

Thursday, 2 June 2011


"Hi Daddy I'm going to make some pancakes do you want some" called out Hannah. "No thanks Sweetpea" I shouted in reply "they don't go well with breakfast beer". "Nat do you want pancakes"?

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door followed shortly afterward by another and all of a sudden there were four 10 year old girls heading for the back garden to play on the trampoline; and that's how I ended up cooking pancakes this morning!

After my stint as the Crape Pretender I hustled Nat off to get changed before going swimming with Jacob and then laid down the ground rules for the girls. They were off to the park and me to my bed. Don't keep coming in and out I need to sleep I said and off they went. Five minutes later they were do you forget your bicycle? Eventually I made it to bed planning to listen to the Pod Delusion before falling into the arms of Morpheus. When I awoke I decided I’d listen to it on the ride to work instead cos I think Morpheus beat it to the punch.

Draft: camera - Fuji S1800

Camera ordered by Deb Fuji S1800
Which arrive early the next day. Pretty efficient shipping that!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hannah swimming with shantelle
Nat on x-box / PC all day

Sailing With Scouts

Sailing at Watermead Country Park

Collected Donna and Joshua at about 6.00pm and all 5 of us followed the directions on Donna's sat nat -even though I knew the way as I had driven there before and checked the way on the route finder.  The sat nav took us via the MI  (I would have gone on the A46).  Unfortunately the postcode that sat nav was programmed to find was too large, so I had to take over to get us took the lake site carkpark.

Horror of horrors the cost of parking has gone up to £2.50 - I had to scrabble around to find enough change as it was a £1 last time we went.

A good turn out approx 18 boys plus Hannah.  The leader also bought his friends daughter so she wasn't the only girl.

Nat went in the pink boat with Joshua and Hannah went with Brandon.  At first they all became becalmed so had to be towed out to deeper water in the middle of the lake.  The boats were tiny - just big enough for 2.

The boys and Hannah had to complete races, paddle the boats by lying on the front and they had to change partners (whilst in the middle of the lake) - this meant Nat came to shore with Jacob and Hannah came back with Liam who was complaining of being seasick!!!  Not a very manly boy according to Hannah.

When they got near to the shore they were allowed to capsize the boats - Hannah of course was the first in and they all quickly followed - all that is except Joel's boat much to the disgust of his sailing partner. So he was allowed to go back out into deeper water once Joel had alighted to capsize the boat.

It was than back to the huts to strip,dry and change clothing, a quick drink and back off home.  A full load of washing, a quick shower and a mug of cocoa with a muffin - then bed.