Wednesday, 26 June 2013

draft blog

Sunday 19 May 2103
Walking with Dinosaurs Nottingham FM Arena (fotos)
Where Hannah saw One Direction in March
Flickr gives a free tetrabyte of storage
Uploading walking with dinosaurs
Branching out on Face Book

Four nights training on new system
Agent Work bench
Training with other team
Training with Shaun Christopher
Lots of Errors in training senarios but like new system
Supposedly not coming into operation until October
We’ll discover different
Looks like getting less and less likely staying with Di#
T-Mobile / Virgin Data use

25/26/27/28 May
Half term
Nat meets FB photos
F*ngering and F*sting laughed till we cried
Twitter Poems

???? Hannah New Forest

29/30/1/2 Work
Agent Workbench Active WTF
AWB not working
Only Sharon taking calls
Di confirms can’t stay at her house
End of a friendship I suspect.
30 – Deb and Kids to Reditch
Phone upgraded to 1 gig & 200 mins on Virg*n

6/7/8/9 June
Nat away camp
Hannah bike accident
Meany gone

Fri 14/6
Nat top hat at work
Nat breaks nexus at school
Nat going away to camp for weekend
Or did he?
Me off with cold
Still Di problems
 Sat 22 /6
Hannah Theatretrain All Day
Nat X-Box all day
Still have cold
Work really busy no staff and I’m on sh*t line
Work too hot uncomfortable drenched in sweat

Sunday 23/6
Nat World War Zombie
Work Hot
Still Short staffed
Still no access new system

Monday 24/6
Deb work all day
Jeremy Kyle then Bed
Little or No Facebook or twitter interaction now for days
Mocked Meany about Nadal being knocked out of Wimbledon first day.
Chips and kabab meat nom nom nom

Still too hot at work