Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sixty Today

Oh well it's finally arrived the big 60 finally getting really proper old age and what am I planning to do to celebrate this momentous event to be quite honest absolutely nothing whatsoever not going out not doing anything I'm sitting at home watching episodes of Gotham which is actually very good and quite enjoyable. I received £60 in my birthday card from work this morning and another £30 from Alf my Father-in-Law Hannah got me 15 beers which I put outside to keep cold (currently off the booze... Weird timing right?) nothing so far from Deborah who says she was going to get me tickets for the Comedy Festival even though I specifically asked her not to do this as last year she got me tickets for the same comedian twice who was indeed a Muslim comedian and of course as an atheist that's obviously my favourite kind of act which I really want to see twice in the same week. I did send her a text asking for money instead but it appears that that hasn't happened which is a shame because I could have done with some cash next week. Oh well there you go we'll have to make do not going to be to see Doctor Strange tonight cos now I'm going to have to save my pennies as I've got something I want to do next week. So there you go that's 60 is definitely a..... something? Definitely need to trim that beard before Wednesday!

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