Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Living Alone Day One

Ok I've moved into my new flat so that Hannah can come home and hopefully sometime and separation will sort out our relationship and we can get on an even keel which would be fantastic the flat is lovely I really think it's more than enough room for me you know it's only two rooms I can't use the front room at the moment we have no 288 technically it should be the bedroom but uh I put the bed in the back room for the moment.
Of course not everything can go perfectly and the biggest worst possible thing happened when I plugged in my PC which was working perfectly at home this morning and was transported very delicately to euro today but it won't load it's recording a critical error fault so I cannot access any music you can access any Comics or any Media that is on there nor will I be able to use it for the Internet when I get connection on Tuesday I'm currently looking at ways to get it repaired hopefully without wiping all the data but I've all the things that could have happened that was a real bastard um
I'm watching daredevil the Director's Cut which just seemed to put little better than the original film and I just had a coffee and a couple of panel chocolate that's a long ways of getting what electronic devices out the work and getting law plugged in and charging unpacked all my clothes put up the bed and got the TV in place got the kitchen sorted out everything in its place I'm just such a little housewife today and make pop up for a walk to Aldi in a little while to get sense of dead sheep £17 a bottle Coke and I said cheap and it's written down sheep ha ha oh you've got the love you've got another word regular voice recognition at times anyway if I do it like this I can keep your blogger everyday and tell you what's going on I'm really sorry about what's happened to Hannah um I'm dreadfully dreadfully sorry I said if we have some time apart but happy we can drive through a get-together find out we actually like each other and love each other I don't quite know what's going on but something went toxic and the time apart would be great and I hope you feel so much better now that you feel safe please my love don't fall into despair or depression don't be naughty at school just work hard and passed his exams it's your future my love and I don't want to be responsible for spoiling it for you I love you dearly you can have my kidney anytime you need it and I just roll myself and robust to stop it rolling all the you

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