Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is America the greatest country ?

I want back the USA I knew as a kid ( I stayed up and watched the Moon landing ... yes you fuckwits it wasn't faked). yes you always have had loads of stupid God-fearing folks but you never let them run the show. You trusted in science and knowledge and technology because you sent your second world war veterans to college and they changed the bloody world. They landed on the Moon and they didn't build Creationist Museums and all this sad stupid shit you now do. USA you have chosen to be Rome AD 600 and your children will look to China because of it. You Fucking Idiots. What would Jesus do (if he in fact existed) Throw Up His Hands In Horror and the saddest thing ... I've visited America twice and you are lovely people you just think being ignorant is a good thing and too much book learning is bad. Books change the world they are the closest thing we will ever come to telepathy. When you read you share the authors mind ... Now That is Truly Awesome! Embrace knowledge not fairy stories. Adam and Eve or the Big Bang? If you choose Adam and Eve you miss so much wonder

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