Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday 24 February

Hello Blogger I am absolutely full of stinking cold and I've got work tomorrow so hopefully I can recover between now and then having had this cold all weekend and having missed the last of Leicester comedy Festival and mismatched rugby match so I'm not really a happy chappy right now however have had some fun on twitter today chatting with a bunch of idiotic idiots all good fun so swings and roundabouts! 
Strangely Hannah has appeared to be desperate to talk to me today which is most unusual Nat as usual has gone up to his room where he is engrossed on Facebook playing games talking to people text in what acting and whatever so no change there okay not a lot more to say suppose the very best to call it quits! Oh finally watching series 8 of criminal minds which I somehow managed to miss on the TV last year as I normally watch that on TV rather than download it I think Siri is nine now about 11 episodes in and I'm currently watching episode 17 of series 8 so just a few to catch up on

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Friday 14feb: five for a fiver

Disappointing night last night as went to Just the Tonic (formally Jongluers) for the Five for. Fiver Commedy night ascpart of the Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. Very disappointing got seat near the stage but for some reason while everybody else was laughing I couldn't hear the jokes and kept missing thebpunchlines! Event was supposed to finish ay at 11pm but second act only finished at 10.30. At that pointbi left in orde to catch the last bus home.  First event I've attended that has been a flop 😢! 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Oh dear woke up now I'm in a pickle it's 130 walk about 10 to 1 and I really need to get back to sleep however I've started playing with the iPhone and in all honesty I really do need to make a point of exploring everything that it can do because I'd completely forgotten about setting up and checking how the marketing functions work and any virtual reality applications or argumentatively argumentative augmented reality options however you wish to pronounce that would just try to login to Nokia here maps but for some reason doesn't seem to want to acknowledge my account which is something of a pain anyway I must put back on the phones phones show podcast and see whether or not that will allow me to drift back off to sleep on the other hand it is very tempting to see if there are any #GamesGoingOnOnTwitterAsI #LastNightTheFirstTimeInAgesAndHadForgottenQuiteHowMuchIEnjoyPlayingThatGameAreWell Oh how very interesting it appears that when one says the word #space #AppearsInTheTextWhatFunPerhapsThisWillWorkOnTwitterIThinkIBestGoSeeRightNowBeforeIForgetThatIMeantToCheckThisAndThen

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Comedy festival 2

Had a really great day today was really bit tired because I wasn't quite as responsive to the funnies as I normally am however I'm Google launch was dark and funny crabplover that's Krabbe and Dracula had together was really weird and the comedian afterward was very very funny moved away then from the crumbling cookie went to the KAyal via the last Plantagenet pub which is a Wetherspoon's pub so the beeriest keep had a pint of ruddles County and a pint of hobgoblin then went to the KL and saw our company's name singer Riley and then another guy both of whom were really funny Kitos remember names

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Leicester Comedy Festival 2014: Allday at...

Leicester Comedy Festival 2014: Allday at the Kayal Sunday 8 Feburary

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Leicester Comedy Festival One

Okay I'm now off to see Andrew Lawrence the comedian who is performing at the crumbling cookie at 1 PM today

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Friday 31 Jan / Sat 1 Feb

  1. Skittles with Scouts at the Red Lion Huncote (load pictures)
  2. Nat Full of Cold
  3. Nat to Town to shop with Emily gets lift home with her parents
  4. Hannah and Deb Big Argument
  5. Hannah and Me Big Argument
  6. Hannah May Be Grounded
  7. Work
  8. Di at The Melting Pot Fondue restaurant
  9. Waiting for Rugby on iPlayer but may watch
  10. Silent Witness and catch up B4 vanishes