Thursday, 15 December 2016

playing in the dark

I'm lying on the settee and at 5:17 and I'm awake so I'm playing with Hannah all know my new iPhone 5 is discovering what you can do she was very weird is that there is no native Google blogging up but I've installed this will see how it works and I'm currently dictating this entry using Apple voice recognition which actually seems to be a little bit better than Google voice recognition or maybe I'm just speaking more slowly and sensibly
It would appear there is a limit to the amount of voice recognition it would take at anyone go and that apparently you then need to basically create a

Which isn't all that difficult actually get some structure and meaning to what it is you're doing I'm not just talking and they need to live find out how long it goes on for and when it makes me stop at the moment I'm not sure if it's still recording what I'm saying or not but this would be a good way of maintaining the blog again like I used to

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