Friday, 2 December 2016

Work Nightmare

This week is the coldest week of the year so far. We are short SIX people on the overnight team (illness or leave... Fiona, Sharon, Julie, Gail, Ashhad and Leon) so there is a constant queue of calls from 8pm until after midnight... Tonight we particularly bad and we reached 01.12 before there were no more calls left in the queue. During this time 3 of our staff were making sales call backs... Each one takes at least 20 minutes to complete..
So we are six short but we still use another 3 to make sales rather than getting these people e called back in the morning... It's no wonder the rest of us are shattered and starting to make mistakes. Of course any mistakes will be our fault even though we are effectively now operating with less than 50% of normal call handling capacity.

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